How to “Craft something for your critter” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Noelle Corbett

The current Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path is A Day at Disney, which adds new rides, character skins, and other rewards that’ll make your Valley feel like a Disney Park. However, some Star Path tasks can be difficult to figure out.

One such task is “Craft something for your critter,” as the game doesn’t explicitly say what items you need to craft. Fortunately, there are a few options available, so here’s how to complete this Star Path task in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to “Craft something for your critter” for the A Day at Disney Star Path

There are six items that players can craft for the Star Path task, one of which is exclusive to the A Rift in Time expansion. You’ll find these in the Functional Items section while at a Crafting station.

Here are the items and what you’ll need to make them:

  • Cozy Companion Home: 15 Softwood, 5 Sunflower, 5 White & Red Hydrangea, 1 Topaz
  • Flying Companion Feeder: 5 Softwood, 5 Clay, 5 Wheat, 2 Red Bell Flower
  • Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish: 5 Clay, 5 Wheat, 2 Red Bell Flower
  • Pixar Companion Ball: 5 Red Bell Flower, 5 Yellow Daisy, 5 Blue Hydrangea
  • Playful Companion Pinwheel: 5 Softwood, 5 Fiber, 5 Pink Hydrangea
  • Tropical Companion Home*: 15 Tropical Wood, 10 Bamboo, 1 Spinel, 3 Green Glass-Like Flowers

Any items marked with * are DLC-exclusive

Note that you’ll need to make three critter items, though they don’t need to be the same one.

What’s easiest to craft will depend on what you have available and what you can find. That said, if you’re just trying to get through the task and don’t plan to use the items to decorate your Valley, we recommend making the Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish since it requires the fewest resources.

Clay can be found by digging in certain areas and removing Wildebeest Bones.

Wheat is one of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s crops. You can purchase seeds in the Peaceful Meadow, and they take just one minute to grow.

Finally, Red Bell Flowers can be found in the Forest of Valor.

Regardless of which item or items you decide to make, each recipe involves flowers, so check out our guide of where to find every kind of flower in the game.

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