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Will Diablo 4 have crossplay? Cross-platform & cross-progression on console and PC

Published: 1/Jan/2022 6:22 Updated: 1/Jan/2022 3:43

by Lauren Bergin


Will Diablo 4 have crossplay unlike its predecessors? Here’s everything we know about Blizzard’s cross-platform and cross-progression plans. 

As Diablo enters a new era with the highly anticipated Diablo 4, one question that has been playing on everyone’s minds is the possibility of cross-platform play.

None of the current games in the franchise (Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 3) currently feature crossplay, but with Diablo 4 set to drop sometime in 2023, can we expect Blizzard to finally break down the console/PC barrier?

Here’s everything we know about whether or not Diablo 4 will have crossplay and cross-progression, and, in turn, if you can finally play with friends on other platforms.



diablo 4 characters fighting a boss in multiplayer
Blizzard Entertainment
Players will be able to team up and take down Diablo 4’s bosses, but will they have to use the same platform?

Will Diablo 4 have cross-platform play?

During a 2019 interview with The Telegraph, Executive Producer Allen Adham spilled some gorey details regarding the idea of crossplay.

“We’re very excited about crossplay,” Adham notes, continuing that “there are technical details and details to work through with the first parties, but it’s our goal to get to crossplay.” Lead Lighting Artist Sean Murphy also added that “we have nothing to announce with crossplay, but that is a topic that we are interested in.”

This was echoed at a 2021 Blizzcon interview, where Lead Systems Designer Joseph Piepiora response to Windows Central’s questions about crossplay and cross-progression was simply “emphatically yes.”


However, whether or not the feature will be implemented at launch is another story. One of Blizzard’s other iconic titles, Overwatch, added crossplay five years into the game’s lifespan – proving that you can never say never when it comes to Blizzard and cross-platform play.

diablo 4 players face duriel prime evil
Blizzard Entertainment
Taking down a Prime Evil isn’t easy, so hopefully Diablo 4 will have cross-progression!

Will Diablo 4 have cross-progression?

In a similar vein to cross-play, cross-progression hasn’t been confirmed for Diablo 4, but the odds are ever in its favor. Cross-progression allows players to play the same character across multiple different platforms, as their progress is linked through their Battle.net accounts.

In addition to Piepiora’s statement above, Blizzard implemented the system in their latest title, Diablo 2 Resurrected, so we’ll likely see it rear its head in the latest chapter in the Diablo saga.


So that’s everything we know so far about crossplay in Diablo 4! Looking to brush up on all things diabolical? Be sure to check out our dedicated Diablo page for all of the latest news.