When is Diablo Immortal Season 2? Start date, Battle Pass, early patch notes & more

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Diablo Immortal’s first troubled Season is coming to an end. Here’s everything we know about Season 2 of Diablo Immortal.

Since its release, Diablo Immortal has been off to a very shaky start. The game had a lukewarm response even when it was first announced, but its first few weeks have been mired in controversy with some players having a truly hellish experience. The question is, will this continue into Season 2?

While most Diablo fans look forward to Diablo 4, many also hope that Diablo Immortal can be salvaged. However, many players have already thrown in the towel, unhappy with the game’s reliance on microtransactions and pay-to-win mechanics.

With Season 2 of Diablo Immortal on the horizon, will this be enough to tempt them back? Here’s everything we know about the new season.


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When does Diablo Immortal Season 2 start?

Diablo Immortal Season 2 will start July 7, 2022 at 3am server time. This means it will go live at 3am in your time zone, provided you play on a local server.

The new Bloodsworn Battle Pass will also go live at that time, giving players the opportunity to play through the next 40 ranks, unlocking lots of new loot as they do. This includes the precious Legendary Gems, however, this too will reset on August 4, 2022.

Battle Pass and new Season 2 content

Here’s everything we know about how Battle Pass will work in Diablo Immortal Season 2

Once you manage to reach rank 40 in the Season 2 Battle Pass you’ll unlock a Gift of Renown for every 180 Battle Points earned.

In truth, this is the exact same rewards that was provided in Season 1, so you’ll also be awarded 100 Hilts and 150 Scrap Materials every time you open a new Gift of Renown.

When you reach rank 40 using the Free Battle Pass, you’ll unlock the Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem. You’ll also be awarded the following perks:

  • Seled’s Weakening one-star Legendary Gem
  • x12 Normal Gems
  • x1 Legendary off-hand weapon
  • x11 Rare Crests
  • x1 Legendary Crest
  • x8 Charms
  • x3 Reforge Stone
  • x1 random Reforge Stone
  • 2,100 Scrap Materials
  • 7,900 Hilts
  • x1 Enchanted Dust

Those who purchase the premium ‘Empowered’ Battle Pass will unlock everything listed above as well as the following rewards:

  • Bloodsworn Weapon cosmetic
  • Bloodsworn Armor cosmetic
  • Gratitude Chat Emoji
  • Headache Chat Emoji
  • Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem x2
  • Seled’s Weakening one-star Legendary Gem x3
  • x27 Normal Gems
  • x12 Rare Crests
  • x2 Legendary Crests
  • x30 Aspirant’s Key
  • x55 Scoria
Diablo Immortal characters
Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions continue to prove controversial.

Season 2 Battle Pass price

The premium ‘Empowered’ Diablo Immortal Battle Pass will cost $4.99 – £4.49. Of course, it’s entirely optional but can help boost progression speed and your character’s power.

You can also take advantage of another option when buying the Empowered Pass, this allows you to level up by 14 levels once it has been installed. This second option costs £12.99 – and will likely be around $12.99 USD.

However, there are many who may view these options as pay-to-win tactics and decide to not spend the money. This is okay, as those playing without engaging in microtransactions can still progress, just a bit slower.

Diablo Immortal Season 2 early patch notes

Based on the content roadmap for Diablo Immortal Season 2, we expect to see the following improvements and fixes in the update.
  • Initial build package optimization: Reshuffling the assets downloading sequence so relevant UI would populate properly to improve user experience in-game.
  • Android device performance optimization: The install base of mobile devices in Asia Pacific regions is very diverse. Using learnings from the first phase of our launch, we are performing additional compatibility tests to optimize the launch experience.
  • PC experience improvements: Including fixes to potion and skills lockout issues, Auto-Navigation, Demon Hunter primary attack, Xbox controller input delay, and more.
  • Performance and network optimization: Improvements to deferred multi-lighting particle tech, bug fixes, and more.

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