Full Diablo Immortal Roadmap 2024: New class, quests & events

Sam Smith
Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares enemies

Diablo Immortal has much more content coming throughout the rest of the year. Here is the full Diablo Immortal 2024 Roadmap.

Diablo Immortal had an exciting 2023, finally managing to throw off the shackles of its troubled beginnings. The game’s second year saw the revelation of the Blood Knight class, various events, and even crossovers with 2023’s Diablo 4.

Now Diablo Immortal is entering a new phase and those who enjoy Blizzard’s mobile loot chaser, either on their handheld devices or on PC, have much more to look forward to between now and 2025. Here’s the full Diablo Immortal Roadmap for 2024.

Diablo Immortal 2024 Roadmap
Check out the full Diablo Immortal 2024 Roadmap.

New character class

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the Tempest as Diablo Immortal’s brand-new character class, following in the footsteps of the Blood Knight and earlier classes.

As dual-wielding warrior priests, the Tempests hail from the Cold Isles and harness wind and water elemental abilities. Players will get to test these skills in the not-so-distant future, with Tempest scheduled to hit Immortal in a free update on May 23, 2024.

While Blizzard plans on hosting a deep dive into the character, a date for the broadcast has yet to be shared. In the meantime, see the Tempest class in action in the 2.5D cinematic trailer below:

April – June

  • New Paragon System
  • New Equipment System
  • New Helliquary Bosses
  • New Game Modes
  • New Tempest class (May 23)
  • Cursed Solstice event (June – July)

July – September

  • Worldstone Quest – Part 1
  • Dungeon Updates
  • New Co-op Mode
  • Accursed Towers Updates
  • Hollow’s Wake Event (September – October)

October – December

  • Terror Reigns Theme/Event
  • Worldstone Quest – Part 2
  • New Zone
  • New Helliquary Bosses
  • Brumaltine Event

This should keep players hacking and slashing until 2025 rolls around, likely bringing a new Roadmap of content for Diablo Immortal.

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