Diablo Immortal Shadow War guide: PvP clan tournament explained

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When you reach the endgame in Diablo Immortal, you may find yourself looking for something to keep you occupied; the Shadow War PvP clan tournament is just that. Here’s our guide to this mysterious clan vs clan event.

As you progress through the perilous world of Diablo Immortal, you’ll uncover swathes of new challenges to keep you and your Nephalem occupied on their quest to rid Sanctuary of Skarn’s legions.

If you’ve taken down the Sandstone Golem or Fleshcraft Hydra in The Library of Zoltun Kulle and are looking for a new challenge, look no further than the Shadow War, a PvP-focused event that becomes available during the endgame.

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Looking for a full breakdown of the game‘s most mysterious tournament? Here’s our full Diablo Immortal Shadow War guide, detailing what the Shadow War is and where you can sign up for battle.


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If you’re bored of shredding through Hell’s finest, why not take on Sanctuary’s mightiest heroes?

What is the Shadow War in Diablo Immortal?

The Shadow War is a weekly PvP tournament that players can participate in once reach Diablo Immortal’s endgame content.

Bear in mind, that you must be a member of a Dark Clan, which requires you to have joined the Shadows Faction by either winning the Shadows lottery in Westmarch or being gifted an Akeba’s Signet from an existing member.

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You’ll need to have completed the Bilefen questline, reach Level 43, and obtain the Timeworn Scroll from the Ancient Arena in order to can enter the tournament.

Where to sign up for Shadow War: Times & location

You can sign up at the Rite of Exile’s entrance every week, on Monday and Tuesday for the battles that will take place throughout the week. Any clan member above Level 51 is automatically allowed to join.

Once you’ve taken part in your first battle, you’ll then be separated into three different brackets dependent on how well you’ve performed.

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A is the highest rank, with C being the lowest. New participants are seeded using their Dark Clan rank, but you can fall or rise based on your victories and losses.

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Defeating an Immortal is no easy task – are you up to the challenge?

Shadow War battles: Main & support

There are two different types of battle in the Shadow War: main and support battles.

In the main battle, your Dark Clan leader is transformed into a raid boss called an Immortal, who is targeted by up to 30 players from the opposing team. The goal is, of course, to defeat the Immortal. The clan that defeats their opposing Immortal first wins.

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However, Immortals can receive damage buffs from the support battles, which play out at the same time. Players will fight another Immortal (and NPC) to transfer its essence across to their leader.

We recommend sending your highest-level players into the main battle to ensure that the Immortal falls without a hitch, and lower-level players into the support battles. This will mean you need a Clan of at least 90 players.

Battle type Player number Objective
Main 30 Defeat the opposing Clan Leader, who has transformed into an Immortal
Support 1  30 Defeat an NPC Immortal to send buffs to your Clan Leader in the Main Battle
Support 2 30 Defeat an NPC Immortal to send buffs to your Clan Leader in the Main Battle

Diablo Immortal Shadow War: Immortals faction rewards

Aside from gaining the title of Immortals (a.k.a your server’s best Dark Clan), you’ll be given a spot in the top 10 Dark Clans.

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You will also be added to the Immortals Faction, where you’ll be able to access the following after you’ve completed theA True Immortal’ quest (split over four days):

  • Weekly legendary item from The Vault
  • Immortal Cloak cosmetic
  • Kion’s Ordeal raid
  • Defend the vault raid
  • The option to give Crowns to certain Clan members, in turn elevating them to Lieutenant and granting them buffs

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the Shadow War system in Diablo Immortal evolves.

So that’s our full Diablo Immortal Shadow War guide, detailing all of the rewards on offer and what you can expect when you sign up for battle.

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