Best Diablo Immortal Barbarian Builds: Season 13

Diablo immortal barbarianBlizzard Entertainment

The Barbarian represents pure brute strength and martial skill in the Diablo series. Here are the best Diablo Immortal Barbarian builds for Season 13.

The Barbarian made his debut in the Hellfire expansion of the very first Diablo game before becoming a fully-fledged class in Diablo 2 and D3. The character class is also set to return in the upcoming Diablo 4. Now, the bashing continues in Diablo Immortal, a game available on mobile platforms and PC. While the Barbarian is well suited to those who want to use martial skill and pure strength to crush their enemies, there are a variety of different Barbarian builds on offer in Diablo Immortal.

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The question is though, with various weapon and strength-based skills at their disposal, which Barbarian build should you choose in Diablo Immortal – and which are the most effective in Season 13? Below we’ll reveal the best Barbarian builds in Diablo Immortal this Season, and how to craft them.


Diablo Immortal muscled warrior with no shirt on and a white beard looks at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
The Barbarian is a one-person army in any Diablo game.

Is the Barbarian right for me?

The Barbarian is a one-person army who has no need for fancy spells, minions, or creeds. All they need is a big axe, lots of stamina, and some warpaint to crush their foes beneath their feet.

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While not a tank in the same sense as the Crusader, the Barbarian is still a physical powerhouse and a force of nature on the battlefield. They strike an imposing figure and let their strength, toughness, and battle prowess do the talking.

While brute force is the name of the game with the Barbarian, it’s worth pointing out that their martial skill is also unparalleled. This is a character class that is trained to use most weapon types, so is perfectly adept at swinging whatever that may be into a demon’s face.

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Is the Barbarian good this Season?

The Barbarian is absolutely crushing it in Season 13 of Diablo Immortal, scoring an S rank in both PVE and PVP.

Here are the two best Barbarian builds doing all the damage to Diablo’s monsters – and their fellow heroes.

Best Barbarian Diablo Immortal build (Season 13)

First up is the best PVE Barbarian build you can use in Diablo Immortal Season 13, the Spin to Win build which makes use of the Whirlwind skill and a variety of others. Here’s how to put it together:

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When leveling your Barbarian for the Spin to Win build, focus your points primarily on Strength and Vitality to build a powerful and hardy character. Fortitude is also essential to your defense, so make sure this is sufficiently leveled too.

Willpower and Intelligence are less important for this build, but feel free to stick some points in them if you’re looking to customize the build, or if you need more of what they offer.

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For the Spin to Win build, level your Barbarian until level 8 and unlock the Whirlwind skill. This will be your bread and butter between now and endgame. However, at level 32 you should start using Frenzy alongside it.

This allows you to build up your attack speed by 8% for three seconds, stacking for up to five hits. It can then be used in conjunction with Whirlwind to become even deadlier. You’ll soon be spinning to win like a champ.

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You should also unlock Leap at level 28 to mix up your attack patterns and to move around the battlefield quickly. Then unlock Undying Rage at level 44 and Wrath of the Berserker at level 50.

Undying Rage is a major boon in the heat of combat, allowing you to cheat death for around 5 seconds, with all of your attacks healing you up to 30% of the damage you deal in that time. Combine this with Whirlwind and Frenzy above, and you’ve got a near-invincible Barbarian tearing around.

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The true beauty of Undying Rage though, is it kicks in automatically when you’re about to die, buying you five more seconds of life to turn your fortunes around. Of course, you can still use it manually too.

Finally, Wrath of the Berserker is a skill that increases your critical hit chances by 50% and your movement speed by 20% for 6.5 seconds. The cooldown is a rather lengthy 30 seconds, but imagine the possibilities this presents when used along with the other skills this build has to offer.

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The gear you use can have a very positive impact on your Barbarian’s skills, so you should seek out and equip the following gear.

  • Head – Second Breath
  • Shoulders – The Coming Storm
  • Chest – The Gathering
  • Legs – Screaming Fury
  • Main Weapon – The Tempest
  • Off Hand – The Remembered

When it comes to rings, amulets, and other gear, seek out the Grace of the Flagellant set. This will buff your Whirlwind attack and other vital skills for this build.

Barbarian kills demonBlizzard Entertainment
The Barbarian can singlehandedly take down most enemies in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal PVP Barbarian build

If you’re choosing a Barbarian to strike fear into the hearts of other players, then you can still put the above build to good use. However, we’d advise switching out Leap for Sprint.

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This will give you more maneuverability and will help you outflank other players who’ll know you’re vulnerable to ranged attacks while leaping. Sprinting, on the other hand, makes it harder to catch you.

Plus, your speed and attack power will stack with your other skills meaning not only will your enemies struggle to get a lock on you, but by the time they do, it’ll be too late.

For more information about this build check out this resource.

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So there you have it, the best Barbarian builds in Diablo Immortal for Season 13. For more Diablo Immortal content, check out some of our guides below:

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