Will Destiny 2 end with The Final Shape?

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Destiny 2

The Final Shape is the conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga of Destiny 2. This has raised questions on whether this will be the end of Destiny 2. Here is a discussion surrounding the topic.

The Final Shape will be the DLC where the Guardians finally confront The Witness and put an end to its tyranny. It is the final battle where good triumphs over evil and the eternal conflict between Light and Darkness comes to an end.

This power struggle in this game has been continuing for the past 10 years where Guardians have fought against numerous adversaries like Atheon, Oryx, Crota, Rhulk and so much more. However, it is a question to ponder – Does Destiny 2’s story end with the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga?

A screenshot from the game Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Destiny 2 will not end with The Final Shape

Is Destiny 2 ending with The Final Shape DLC

No, Destiny 2 is not ending with The Final Shape. This DLC will simply put an end to the “first saga” of the Destiny universe. The game itself will continue as it will explore new stories surrounding the other factions and therefore a new evil to fight against.

Bungie confirmed this several times over the past year as well during the Destiny 2 showcase on August 23, 2023. In fact, once the campaign is over and The Witness is defeated, Bungie will continue the story with the aftermath of The Final Shape.

The devs have announced that instead of four seasons in a year, they will release three Episodes that will provide players with a different story every time. They have confirmed that you can play the Episodes separately without a loss of continuity. This system will be implemented in 2024.

However, as of now, Bungie’s sole focus is on The Final Shape. The developers want to ensure that the campaign and the raid provide a definitive experience before closing out the first saga. The Lightfall story and its raid was underwhelming and Bungie does not want that to happen with The Final Shape.

Therefore, no information regarding a future DLC or a brand-new saga is available yet. Once it does, we’ll make sure to update this article and provide you with brand-new information.

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