Overwatch cosplayer hits a bullseye with amazing sharpshooter Ashe cosplay

Overwatch cosplayer aims down the sights as wild sharpshooter AsheBlizzard

Melamori, a talented cosplayer and prop maker, showed Overwatch fans a glimpse of her wild side by transforming into Ashe, the sharpshooting leader of the notorious Deadlock Gang.

After hearing more news about Overwatch 2, including changes to Bastion, Mei, Sombra, and more, existing players are losing their minds in anticipation of its release.

Cosplayers have been doing their best to keep everyone entertained while the expansion is waiting in the wings. Look no further than M Blackburn’s amazing Will-O-Wisp Tracer cosplay, or LilyaOo’s take on Mercy.

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However, Ashe cosplays have been all the rage in 2021. We’ve seen some incredible ones from the likes of Lil-Batz, Mercurygin, and Sarah Jane. Melamori’s latest take on the gunslinging hero was right up there with them.

Ashe summons BOBBlizzard Entertainment
Ashe is one of the most cosplayed heroes in Overwatch.

It’s got everything from her wild-west themed costume, including the brown leather belt, gloves, hat, pants, and vest, as well as the white shirt and red tie. She even went a step further and included the armor, bracelet, nail polish, and gun.

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Of course, being the perfectionist she is, she didn’t forget about the bright-red lipstick and white hair, either!

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It’s not the first time she had a crack at the cosplay. However, she’s convinced it’s the best attempt yet.

“Do you remember I asked you if you like my Ashe cosplay? A few years have passed since my first Ashe cosplay and I decided to make a new one with a better costume, props, wig, and makeup,” she said.

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Melamori’s fans didn’t just like it, they absolutely loved it. It’s already racked up thousands of likes, and those numbers are growing by the minute. 

If you’d like to see what else she’s got in store and even support her future projects, you can find a link to all her socials by clicking here.

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