Overwatch cosplayer goes viral as rebellious gunslinger Ashe

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Overwatch Ashe CosplayBlizzard / Instagram: @sarahjaneafk

Sarah Jane is a Twitch streamer by trade, but she burst onto the cosplay scene with an explosive take on Ashe from Overwatch, and it’s been so well-received, it’s given her the confidence to do more down the track.

Overwatch cosplayers love having a crack at transforming into their favorite heroes. In recent months, we’ve seen everything from Beekeeper Mei to Pale Serpent Widowmaker and more. It’s been a while since somebody made a splash on the internet as Ashe, which is odd since she’s a popular choice both in-game and in terms of cosplays.

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But that’s changed now thanks to Twitch star Sarah Jane, whose first-ever cosplay turned out to be a gem; it’s taking the Overwatch fandom by storm.

Overwatch Ashe's Deadlock Challenge skinBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch fans can’t get enough of Ashe, the infamous leader of the Deadlock Gang.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Sarah explained what motivated her to do it. “Overwatch is my main content focus, and I’ve always had a huge love for the Overwatch hero designs,” she said.

“I got my community to vote for which hero I should cosplay, and they chose Ashe. When I do play DPS, I either usually lean towards playing Ashe or McCree, so it was a good fit!”

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After getting all the bits and pieces together, Sarah posted the cosplay on Reddit. It went on to rack up 10,000 upvotes and drew hundreds of comments in which people described it as “beautiful, on-point, and stunning.”

She nailed everything from the hair and make-up to the hat, gloves, and costume. The only thing missing is the gun and, of course, Bob, Ashe’s omnic bodyguard. But given how difficult those are to pull off, nobody held it against her.

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Overwatch Ashe CosplayBlizzard
People couldn’t get enough of Sarah’s Ashe cosplay.

“I did NOT expect this much positive reception at all,” she said.

In fact, she admitted it nearly didn’t happen: “I was close to not going ahead with it because I honestly didn’t feel comfortable about doing cosplay on stream.”

Thankfully, she went ahead with it because it turned out great. Sarah also revealed that she’d be “happy” to give other cosplays a crack in the future. As for what they could be, well, she’s got her heart set on Ana from Overwatch and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

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If you’re interested in tuning into her stream and supporting her work, you can find a link to her socials by clicking here.

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