Overwatch 2 DPS change turns Mei into a machine gun like Bastion

Alan Bernal
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There are going to be plenty of changes once Overwatch 2 lands, but one of those updates left players baffled now that Mei’s new DPS output

Many pros and invited players got to try out an early build of Overwatch 2 that showed where Blizzard is taking the now-5v5 format FPS. That’s resulted in a lot of early impressions that’s giving us an idea of what to expect once the game fully launches.

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It sounds like the change to 5-players per team will also introduce much stronger heroes to give everyone in the comp much more impact than before.

Going off of Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi’s reaction to the Overwatch 2 test build, it looks like Mei is going to debut with high DPS that’s reminiscent of how Bastion would lay down damage at its height.

“What’s Mei’s current DPS?” super said, running down the changes he noticed in the OW2 build. “55?! In Overwatch 2, her left click is 90 per second.

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“You don’t freeze anybody, but… you know what I mean? You just f**kin left click them to death.”

The OWL pro was over himself with the changes that he saw in OW2, and for good reason. With the slow that Mei can inflict, along with other status buffs/debuffs that your team can dish out, her Endothermic Blaster can get really dangerous.

While she might not be a primary DPS option for comps, teams can easily utilize this kind of damage to focus down high-value targets.

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overwatch 2 mei Activision Blizzard
Mei could hit way harder once Overwatch 2 lands.

Someone like Bastion or Reaper are usually coveted for their sustained damage, but Mei seems like she can be a major tool for breaking down defenses and the like.

First impressions might make heroes in Overwatch 2 sound broken, but it’ll be interesting to see how the power dynamics change in a 5v5 setting. We already saw how Bastion and other heroes are going to change, so there’s still plenty for the community to look forward to.

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As for now, there’s a lot to look forward to if you’re a Mei main. If she really is a new DPS god, then it’ll be interesting to see what other changes the Overwatch 2 devs have in store for us.

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