Overwatch cosplayer comes in like Wrecking Ball as handcrafted Hammond

nstagram: @kanto.cosplay / Blizzard

It’s not every day you see an Overwatch cosplayer come in like a Wrecking Ball and steal the show with a fantastic handcrafted take on Hammond, but Kanto Cosplay did exactly that with their piece.

Overwatch cosplayers are a talented bunch. But while we’ve seen countless epic transformations into Ashe, Brigitte, D.Va, Mei, Tracer, and more, Hammond, a.k.a Wrecking Ball, is far less common due to the complexity and difficulty of pulling it off.

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After all, turning yourself into a tiny hamster sitting on top of a four-legged spherical robot is no easy task. However, a talented cosplayer named Kanto Cosplay showed that they had the creativity, determination, and grit to pull it off, and they did it all on a low budget.

“There was a contest for a low-budget cosplay, and I really wanted to take part in it. I decided to go with Hammond from Overwatch,” they explained. They also sent us a video detailing the craftsmanship that went into it.

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“The entire thing is made out of cardboard,” they said. “I spent two days working on it, but it was super fun. There are also some other random materials that I’ve used. For example, old socks from which I’ve created Hammond’s tiny hands. I also used bandages as bald cap and some makeup.”
And when they finally pieced everything together, the final product turned out great. Everything from Hammond’s face and ears to the Wrecking Ball robot itself looked the part. It’s hard to believe it only took two days.


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It goes to show that you don’t always need a massive budget to pull off a brilliant cosplay; a creative mind mixed with simple materials and a bit of elbow grease is all you need, especially when it comes to notoriously difficult ones.

Kanto Cosplay’s epic transformation is a testament to that, and they deserve all the likes and praise they’ve been getting.

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