Overwatch cosplayer leads the Deadlock Gang as rebellious Ashe

Connor Knudsen
dreadlock asheActivision Blizzard

An Overwatch cosplayer has come up with an impressive rendition of Ashe’s Deadlock skin in her latest compelling cosplay.

Ashe is one of Overwatch’s deadliest and most feared DPS characters, featuring one of the game’s most beloved ultimate abilities, Bob.

The two, together, make up a dynamic duo and one that many cosplayers have sought to replicate and honor throughout the years.

But, this latest cosplay from Mercurygin truly does the fiery and rebellious hero justice, taking all the best notes.

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A part of the Deadlock gang, Ashe is a gunslinger that isn’t afraid of any opponent, and neither is this cosplayer, one can just hear her saying, “My business, my rules.” 

Mercurygin, the cosplayer pictured, has done several renditions of Ashe in the past along with a few other characters from other games. However, this one may be her best work.

Fans in the comments on Reddit have noted how flawlessly she nailed the look, even claiming that her hair might be even better than Ashe’s. As stunning as this looks, however, fans have raised one, vital request in their support of the cosplayer asking “Where’s Bob?”

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While the giant robot companion may not be featured here, this cosplay is a true success nonetheless.

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