Overwatch cosplayer answers fan’s prayers as angel-like Mercy

Mercy Overwatch cosplayBlizzard / Instagram: @lilya0o

Everyone needs a guardian angel from time to time, and cosplayer Lilya ‘Lilya0o’ Victorovna answered her fan’s prayers and filled that role by transforming into Overwatch’s divine healer, Mercy.

The Overwatch community are a passionate bunch, especially when it comes to the game’s heroes. It’s no surprise, then, that their passion trickles over into the cosplay world, too. After all, just about every Overwatch cosplay we’ve seen is as breathtaking as the next, and they always get a massive response.

Ashe and Mei have been popular choices lately. However, Mercy has been a fan-favorite among cosplayers ever since the game was released back in 2016. And with so many unique looks and styles, it’s easy to understand why.

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Pharah and Mercy on HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch heroes like Pharah and Widowmaker can be very dependant on Mercy.

LilyaOo is a superstar when it comes to cosplays. Not because she has a whopping 12,000 followers on Instagram. But because she puts her heart and soul into every piece, and her popularity on social media is symptomatic of that.

She’s already rocked our world with stunning takes on League of Legends characters like Ahri and Soraka. And now she’s done it again, but this time, with an incredible take on Mercy from Overwatch.

The outfit is on point, but the hair and make-up are truly out of this world.


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A post shared by Lilya Victorovna (@lilya0o)

Her first post was so well-received, fans hoped and prayed she’d follow it up with another shot, and she didn’t disappoint!

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The second shot offers a closer look at just how accurate the cosplay is. The resemblance is uncanny. And the stunning photography from anastasia.komori really helps bring out the best in it. A magnificent job indeed.


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A post shared by Lilya Victorovna (@lilya0o)

LilyaOo’s work is top-notch, and she’s always open to ideas and suggestions on what to do next. Truly a lady for the people.

If you’d like to show your support and maybe even contribute towards one of her next projects, you can find a link to all her socials by clicking here.