Warzone players “tired” of Season 2 issues start #FixWarzone trend

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay

In light of frequent bugs, hacking issues, and the current state of balance, Warzone players are coming together with a new #FixWarzone trend in order to force some key changes sooner than later.

It’s fair to say that Season 2 of Warzone has had its highs and lows. From frustrating skins, to broken attachments, and even the return of the painful stim glitch, a variety of major problems have the community growing weary.

Despite a highly anticipated midseason patch, very little ended up changing. In fact, a number of Warzone’s most popular players were convinced the patch notes were part of an April Fool’s Day joke.

Appearing to reach their breaking point, thousands of players have banded together in a new way. With the trend #FixWarzone, veterans are aiming to force some big changes by making a splash online.

It all kicked off with a message shared on the Warzone subreddit on April 4.

“We are all tired of it,” Reddit user ‘SindraGan2001’ claimed after rattling off a number of gripes. “I came up with an idea to raise our voices up a bit more.”

The new trend has two ways of making an impression. First, through the actual hashtag itself across social media. The other way is by flooding in-game lobbies with the ‘FIXWZ’ Clan Tag. The more players who change their tag, the bigger an impact it might have.

Overall, the goal is to help provoke some kind of positive change in Warzone. While all of the most common complaints won’t be fixed overnight, changing “something” will prove the trend worked.

Without much of a delay, thousands of players latched on and supported the movement. At the time of writing, the post has more than 12,000 upvotes, making it the biggest of the past week.

Warzone gameplay
Season 2 has clearly driven many players away from Warzone.

Players were quick to change out their Clan Tags, supporting the trend and aiming to spread the message. Perhaps with enough of a takeover both in-game and online, the developers might issue a response.

It took months of frequent backlash before banwave updates became a common occurrence.

With enough support, the #FixWarzone trend is aiming to establish the same form of communication in regard to bug fixes and balance updates as well.