New Warzone sniper reticle breaks the game completely

Tanner Pierce

A new Warzone bug is causing the title’s framerate to completely plummet, so much so that it nearly breaks the whole game, and it seems to be due to the use of a certain optic sight on sniper rifles. 

At this point, bugs in Warzone are not only unsurprising, they’re expected. It seems that every time there’s an update, a new game game-breaking bug shows up or an old one rears its ugly head.

Now, a new bug affecting the battle royale game seems to bring down the framerate to unplayable levels. The bug was first discovered by Reddit user eggybread_1, whose game’s framerate suddenly dropped to unplayable levels as soon as he equipped the Tundra sniper rifle.

This happened while he was dropping into Verdansk and the bug even stopped him from opening his parachute, meaning he crashed right into the earth.

Cold War Bullseye reticle breaking Warzone?

Interestingly enough, after the player crashed and was put into the downed state, they were able to change their class and fire their assault rifle, which also isn’t normal.

Then, once the player in the video unequipped the Tundra and chose a different class mid-game, the framerate went back to normal, making the situation all the more perplexing and frustrating.

Upon further inspection by the community, it seems like the problem comes down to the Bullseye optic reticle, which can be equipped onto any Black Ops Cold War sniper rifle. This has been confirmed and replicated by other players so it’s a pretty widespread issue.

The Bullseye reticle seems to be causing a framerate problem within Warzone.

The Bullseye reticle was added to the game as a part of the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 battle pass, where players could it unlock it at Tier 88. The reticle hasn’t caused issues until now so these framerate problems are a bit odd.

As of the time of this writing, neither Raven nor Activision have commented on the bug so it’s unknown how long it’ll be before the issue gets fixed.

It’s also unknown if this is tied to one specific platform or if everyone can be affected. Until then, players should be wary about using this reticle.