Warzone pro DiazBiffle pulls off craziest 1v4 ever to secure victory

Joe Craven
DiazBiffle next to Black Ops Cold War character with XM4Twitter: DiazBiffle / Activision

Popular Warzone competitor DiazBiffle left fans mind-blown with an insane victory in CoD’s BR, winning by eliminating the final four opponents in one of the flashiest clutches you’ll ever see.

The popularity of Warzone means we’ve seen some of the world’s top gamers transition into full-time competing, joined by some ex-professional CoD players like Rated and Tommey.

It’s also given scope for young talented players like DiazBiffle to amass significant followings thanks to their insane talents. Diaz’ Twitch following sits at 175,000, with fans regularly tuning in to see his top-tier gameplay. Clips like this show just why he’s managed to accumulate such an audience.

We ranked Diaz as the best Warzone player in the world in March 2021.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Warzone’s competitive landscape has gone from strength to strength since its March 2020 launch.

With the final circle closing in at Krovnik Farmland, Diaz found himself trapped in one of the area’s many huts. To make matters worse, too, he was trapped right next to a team of four, who were standing between him and another Warzone victory.

What follows is one of the most insane moments we’ve seen in Warzone. Using his FFAR, Diaz quickly downed one of the remaining enemies searching for him. He then snapped onto an on-rushing enemy coming through the hut’s back door, before moving into the hut’s main room.

A third enemy was knocked, with Diaz then dipping out the front door and pulling out his Kar98, securing the win with a flashy quick-scope collateral to eliminate the remaining enemy and one who picked himself back up.

Like us and his watching audience, Diaz’ teammates could scarcely believe what they’d just seen. He finished the game with 28 kills and just shy of 10,000 damage, in an incredible display of attacking CoD.

The 1v4, carried out so quickly and with such aplomb, highlights Diaz as one of the top players in the world at CoD’s battle royale.

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