Warzone players infuriated by return of game-breaking stim glitch

warzone stim shot black ops cold warActivision

Warzone players are incensed after discovering that the game-breaking stim glitch is back in all its glory, letting enemies stay in the gas for unlimited amounts of time.

In the latter months of 2020, Warzone was infested with the notorious stim glitch, which saw players equip a Stim Shot in their tactical slot and sit endlessly in the storm, waiting out for their opponents to die in the gas while they could endlessly keep rejuvenating health.

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It was absolutely infuriating for players to come up against these cheaters, and the game’s devs were forced to remove the stim shot while they sought a fix.

Eventually, it was fixed, and the stim glitch existed no longer. Unfortunately, it looks as though the dreaded Stim glitch has reared its ugly head once again.

Stim Shot WarzoneActivision
Infinite stim shots have been plaguing Warzone for a while now, but it seems like it’s back.

It’s not yet evident how the glitch has come about again, but it seems to have returned after Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update hit live servers.

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As you can see from Stodeh’s Twitch clip, players are once again abusing the Stim glitch, and it is becoming more and more prevalent as word spreads.

It’s not evident whether the same method is used to make the stim glitch work, but regardless, we wouldn’t advise doing it. After all, if you end up being mass-reported, you may end up being banned as a result.

As you can imagine, players aren’t happy, and have taken to social media to report the issue and complain about it — and we can’t blame them for it, either.

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With any luck, Activision will catch on to this issue before long and get it out of the game again, whether that’s with a permanent fix or simply removing the stim shot from Warzone altogether.

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