Dr Disrespect loses it over “invisible” Warzone Roze skin that still hasn’t been nerfed

Roze skin next to Dr DisrespectActivision / YT: Dr Disrespect

YouTube streamer and mustached maverick Dr Disrespect launched into a trademark rant during an April 2 Warzone stream, having been killed by a player donning the infamous Roze skin. 

Few things have frustrated Warzone players as much as the Roze skin. Even though issues with cheaters have got under the skin of many players, a large portion of the fanbase has recognized how difficult implementing a comprehensive anti-cheat can be. The Roze skin, though, is different.

Many players have argued the skin is far too dark, allowing players who don it to blend in with dark areas of Verdansk. Despite the prolonged criticism from the fan base, Raven are yet to make adjustments to the infamous skin.

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Roze skin in Warzone Activision
Warzone players have become increasingly frustrated with the “pay-to-win” Roze skin.

It’s fair to say that the Doc echoed these community frustrations during an April 2 stream. After loading up Warzone for his first game of the day, the Doc dropped Superstore and proceeded to set about his opponents. After significantly weakening one, he picked up the FFAR to pursue the kill.

Unfortunately, the enemy’s Roze skin meant they blended perfectly with the shadowed area of Superstore they had dropped to, and the Doc was swiftly sent to the Gulag. Needless to say, he wasn’t too impressed.

“Can’t even see you, nice Roze skin,” the Doc commented. “Can’t even f**king see him. Can’t even see him! He’s sitting there, on a grey, boring hardly-textured rooftop, and he’s just sitting there invisible, because I can’t f**king see him!”

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Timestamp: 24:30 

It’s fair to say that the unfortunate Roze death wasn’t the start the Doc had in mind, especially considering it was his first Warzone game of the day.

Raven Software, Warzone’s developers, have been under a lot of pressure to make the Roze skin more conspicuous, particularly in dark areas of the map. However, players have been complaining about it for some time, and no changes have been confirmed yet.

We’ll unequivocally add the Doc to the list of players who want to see adjustments, though.