Warzone’s top creators hope the new update is an April Fools joke

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It appears Call of Duty: Warzone’s community wasn’t thrilled with the latest update, as some of Verdansk’s biggest names shared on Twitter. In particular, Content creators like HusKerrs and JGOD hoped that it was all just an elaborate April Fools prank.

A day after Black Ops Cold War received a massive update, tuning most of the game’s weapons and adding new content, Warzone got its own patch. About two hours before the patch was set to go live, Raven Software delivered their patch notes — and people refused to believe those changes (or the lack of them) could be real.

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Despite relentless community requests for the AUG and FFAR 1 to be nerfed alongside additions to the map and possibly other weapon adjustments, the patch notes were brief. The AUG was supposed to be nerfed and some annoying bugs were supposed to be fixed. Besides those, there wasn’t much else and that prompted some serious disbelief.

Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas, one of the highest Warzone earners and among the game’s top players in the world, was absolutely befuddled. Noting that April Fools (April 1, for those unaware) was still a day away, he took to Twitter to express that confusion. 

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Despite tweeting past midnight, HusKerrs got quadruple-digit likes on his simple reaction. Many in the comments shared his confusion, with people saying things like “this has to be some type of joke” and “I am so sad.”

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Husk was also joined in the sentiment by content creators who don’t compete, like the illustrious JGOD. Known for determining gun attachment data that the developers don’t disclose, the creator is already a skeptic of patch notes — but this one took things to a different level.

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Similarly assuming that this patch had to be an “early April Fools,” JGOD expressed sheer shock at the lack of changes in the patch notes. But, in true JGOD fashion, he later found out that the FFAR had actually been nerfed, despite a lack of mention by the devs.

While more and more secret changes are being discovered in the latest update, it remains unclear what is planned for April Fools. If this was an early prank, it surely got a reaction out of people. If it wasn’t, then the top creators are as confused as their fans.

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