Warzone matches plunged into chaos as everyone spawns at the same spot

Warzone Plunder modeActivision

Plunder has always been the frantic, more chaotic companion of the core Warzone experience, as players scramble to accumulate the most money. But a bizarre glitch has taken things to a new level, as every player respawns in the same spot on the ground.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is well and truly underway, and players have been hard at work grinding out the new Battle Pass and looking for those first wins on Caldera. Unfortunately, as well as the new content, bugs, and glitches have dominated the headlines.

Plunder has been a fan-favorite mode ever since it launched. It gives players the chance to hone their skills with the cushion of respawns before heading out into the more brutal world of standard Warzone.

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The latest strange Warzone Season 1 glitch is sending matches into complete disarray, as the spawns turn the lobby into a frantic XP farm.

Warzone plunder modeActivision
Plunder lets players hunt for cash without worrying about permanent death.

User TheEpicMichael posted screenshots on the official Warzone Subreddit showing the sheer chaos that has been occurring in certain Plunder lobbies. From the images, you can see that every player in the game is trapped in an endless loop of spawning in the same spot.

As you can imagine, having 150 players constantly appearing in the same place is leading to a lot of instant deaths. Those who manage to escape the initial scramble can simply unload with an LMG and earn a dizzying number of kills.

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This is clearly a serious glitch in the Plunder mode at the moment, as respawning players are supposed to parachute back as you do after winning in the Gulag. Plenty of other users also responded saying they had encountered the issue.

What’s perhaps even more strange than the glitch itself, is the response from the community. Many players are actively looking to get into these kinds of matches, knowing they can earn as much XP in a few seconds as they could in a whole match normally.

“I have been trying to find one of these all freakin’ day!” said one player. “You could max out a sniper with a single shot,” added another.

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It’s worth noting that while this does appear to be a genuine glitch, there is a possibility that these could be hacked lobbies. If this proves to be the case then players who use them to level up may face some kind of punishment.

Raven Software are yet to address the issue, but most players will be hoping for a fix very soon so they can get back to plundering.