Dr Disrespect deletes Warzone after another vintage Doc rage: ‘I hate the game!’

Brad Norton
Dr DIsrespect playing Warzone

Dr Disrespect is finished with Call of Duty Warzone, for the time being at least, after the battle royale veteran slammed the “stupid and boring” Season 2 meta and uninstalled the game in the midst of a YouTube livestream.

With weeks of pent-up frustration, Dr Disrespect erupted and let it all out in a March 29 Warzone stream. While in the midst of his Triple Threat Challenge, hunting down solo wins across Warzone, PUBG, and Valorant, Doc reached his breaking point with the CoD battle royale.

“I’m kind of over this game,” he said an hour into his stream. “It’s f***ing boring.” After lashing out at the Season 2 meta in recent sessions, the YouTube streamer doubled down on his hatred for certain parts of the game.

“The FFAR meta is horrific, I hate it! The AUG, can’t stand it.”

Not only that, but Doc was treated to a melee-only Gulag, to make matters worse. “This game is a f***ing joke,” he yelled in anger, quitting out of the game. “It’s so stupid and boring. It just puts me in a bad mood!”

Calming himself down and jumping back in for another attempt, Doc tried to play more patiently. With only 10 players left in the Solo lobby, his Warzone win was edging closer. Before long, however, his run came to an end in the blink of an eye.

“I’m so over this f***ing game,” he screamed.

“Especially solos… I just have to uninstall it. At this point, get it off my system. I don’t even want it on. Get it the f*** off my system.”

In a fit of rage, Dr Disrespect removed the game. He didn’t just close out of the match; Doc went to the trouble of outright uninstalling Warzone.

It’s safe to say we won’t be seeing him drop back into Verdansk in the near future.

Other than slamming the solo experience and the Season 2 meta, the former CoD map designer had some choice words for Warzone’s developers.

“Perfect example of what not to do with a very successful game,” he said.

Doc’s classic rage quit begins at 4:52:08 in the video below.

Recently, Doc hasn’t been shy in sharing his thoughts on the state of Warzone — from criticizing the ‘ignorant’ devs, to suggesting his own improvements to speed up the pace of the game, he’s certainly had a lot to say.

“All you’ve gotta do is do something,” he pleaded with the devs before swapping over to Valorant. While a new map is all but locked in for the upcoming season, even that might not be enough to save Warzone, according to Dr Disrespect.

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