Dr Disrespect says Warzone needs more than a new map in Season 3

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect side by side with a Warzone sniper

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has voiced his concerns about the future of Warzone, believing it needs more than just a new map moving forward. 

Many streamers and content creators have made Call of Duty: Warzone their main game ever since it released back in March of 2020.

Dr Disrespect, being all about battle royales and shooters, joined in the fun, but more recently, he hasn’t been enamored with Warzone.

Following the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 update, the Doc slammed the change as being “horrific” and has dabbled in other titles like Valorant since. Though, he has carried on picking up wins in Warzone as well.

Verdansk Train Station in CoD Modern Warfare
Verdansk has become a fan-favorite map, but players do want changes.

Doc isn’t alone in being frustrated by Warzone, and while some are hoping that a new map – supposedly set in the Ural Mountains – will be the big refresh the battle royale needs, the Two-Time isn’t so sure.

The YouTube streamer aired his frustrations with the current state of the battle royale’s solo mode during his March 11 stream, and got on to the wider picture of Warzone itself.

“I hope they go a little bit further than just a new map too. Player mechanics, maybe even design of the game if they improved it… something, I don’t know,” he said. “I’m just saying that just a new map? I don’t know how long that’s going to last. Maybe it’ll last a long time, who knows? ”

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In terms of hoping for bigger changes, ones that would be implemented with a new engine, they probably won’t be happening.

Leaked images suggested that the battle royale would be moving over to the Black Ops Cold War engine, but leakers and Activision devs have dismissed those.

Before he became a streaming superstar, Dr Disrespect was actually a level designer for Call of Duty, working at Sledgehammer games, and designed a handful of maps for Advanced Warfare.

It remains to be seen if Doc will get what he wants out of the battle royale, but he might just have to settle for a new map.