Dr Disrespect says Warzone should speed up the gas, dies to first circle

David Purcell
Dr Disrespect on Warzone

Potential Warzone changes are always on the mind of the big streamers and Dr Disrespect never holds back, though his latest pitch to speed up the gas closing in on players didn’t exactly end well. 

Multiple updates to Warzone have tweaked the way the game is played, such as the Season 2 patch that was rolled out on February 4. The meta has shifted around a little bit, with some weapons becoming more powerful and others falling off a bit.

Dr Disrespect has an idea, though, about how Warzone could reach the next level.

The Two-Time was playing Activision’s hit battle royale game on March 25 alongside Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, and the pair could be seen listing off some ideas.

Dr Disrespect Warzone fail

Decreasing the amount of cash needed for loadouts was one suggestion, though Doc had another suggestion – speeding up the closing of each ring to improve matches.

In theory, it might sound like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, especially when you consider how many vehicles are dotted around the map to deliver you safety to the next zone. However, what happened next on stream sort of killed his idea off completely.

He said: “Drop the cash to like $500 for each loadout, speed the circles up like twice as fast. It might actually have a nice flow to it.” Shortly after, his teammate reminded him that they need to go as the gas started heading for their location.

One of the pair pinged a vehicle, but time was running out.

As CouRage realized what was going on, he said: “This is the first zone. We might just be dead. No, we’re just straight up dead.”

Moments later, both streamers fell to the ground and were sent to the Gulag. Doc was left speechless, while his teammate shouted: “Dude, that is so stupid!”

His fans will have definitely loved this fail, and how ironic it was given his earlier comment.

Nevertheless, despite the death, it’s highly likely that the self-proclaimed best video gamer in the world would want that change implemented at some stage in the future to freshen things up.

If the ring came in even faster this time, it’s hard to see how anybody in the vicinity would have walked away unscathed. The gas swallowed them up.

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