Dr Disrespect explains why Warzone’s AUG meta is worse than the DMR

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and a AUG in Cold war

Streaming star Dr Disrespect believes the AUG meta in Warzone is worse than the DMR ever was as the gun is “technically” broken and ruining matches for everyone.

The meta is Warzone has been constantly changing ever since the battle royale released last March. It started off with everyone using thermal scopes on weapons before moving to other weapons like the MP5, Bruen, and the Grau.

At one point, the DMR was the dreaded meta gun of choice as it dealt serious damage at any range, prompting players to coin the game as ‘DMRZone.’

More recently, following the integration with Black Ops Cold War, the AUG has taken over as one of the meta weapons. Players have demanded change, and Dr Disrespect is one of them, seeing as he belives that the AUG is worse than the DMR ever was.

Black Ops Cold War Aug
Black Ops Cold War’s Tactical Rifles have become incredibly popular in Warzone.

During his March 26 stream, the Two-Time teamed up with regular duo partner ZLaner for a session of Warzone, but became more and more annoyed by the AUG as he was downed in one game despite seemingly being behind cover.

“I’m going to say its worse than the DMR, yeah,” Doc said as ZLaner tried to argue that the DMR was much worse. “The reason why I give it to the AUG is because it’s actually broken, broken. I know the DMR was OP and that was broken in the sense that like the tuning of the weapon was broken, but in terms of the AUG, I think it’s technically broken,” the streamer added.

“It doesn’t know how to mingle with these servers man. What I just witnessed right now, this guy was standing there, I knew he had the AUG because he was shooting at you. I peeked him with a sniper, I think I shot him or missed a shot. By the time I strafed behind the truck, I was knocked. I look at his kill cam, two bursts to knock me and I didn’t receive any of that information. None.”

Timestamp of 3:56:38

While some players still have nightmares about the DMR, it was eventually fixed by Raven Software.

Players clearly want an AUG nerf, but it remains to be seen just how long it’ll be before the devs get things squared away.

They haven’t yet revealed what’s changing in Warzone during the mid-season 2 update, as Treyarch have for multiplayer.