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New Warzone map: Ural Mountains rumors and release date leaks

Published: 27/Dec/2020 16:44 Updated: 27/Dec/2020 16:45

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Warzone’s first year being an unmitigated success, many fans are curious about when a new map is coming. Here’s everything we know so far about a new battle royale map, potential release date, and how it will interact with Black Ops Cold War.

When Rebirth Island released in Warzone, it’s probably fair to say that some players were slightly disappointed. The map, which is based on the ‘Rebirth’ mission from the original Black Ops, is not intended to be a big new battle royale map, but it still left some players feeling slightly under-changed. The big map is expected to come later.

Rumors have already been swirling about another new Warzone setting, despite Rebirth Island only just launching with Season One in mid-December. That update also saw Black Ops Cold War integrated into Warzone, but that’s far from the end of BOCW’s influence in Warzone.

The Rebirth Island map provides players with a chaotic and fast-paced gameplay experience.

Ural Mountains Warzone Map

The most prominent rumor surrounding a future Warzone map is that it will take major influence from Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps.

The current maps in Treyarch’s new mode are Alpine and Ruka, both set in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Sanatorium is an upcoming Fireteam map, set to be released in January. Ruka has the code name ‘wz_forest’ in the game’s files, while Alpine’s is ‘wz_ski_slopes’

As a 40-player game mode, the maps in Fireteam are considerably bigger than a standard 6v6 map. Speculation suggests they would fit together as different POIs in a larger battle royale map.

Furthermore, it would be an easy transition. Fireteam already uses several of Warzone’s mechanics, like parachuting, down-but-not-out states, pings, armor and looting.

Ruka from Black ops Cold War
Ruka is set in the Ural Mountains, a real-life mountain range in modern Russia.

Given the links with Black Ops Cold War, we could well see even more of a crossover between the battle royale and the 2020 CoD installment. More weapons will make the switch as Treyarch add them, with scorestreaks and vehicles also possible.

Fireteam maps have vehicles like the T-72 Tanks, Dirt Bikes, Buggies, Snowmobiles and Helicopters, some of which are already available in Warzone.

Warzone new map release date

At the time of writing, these remain strictly rumors for now with the potential implementation of a Ural Mountains map still some way off. Leaks and rumors have hinted at a March 2021 release date, which would coincide with Warzone’s one year anniversary.

It’s possible that Treyarch are delaying it until new maps (which would form vital POIs of a Warzone map) have been released in Black Ops Cold War. As previously mentioned, Fireteam players can get excited for Sanatorium.

Warzone players, on the other hand, can look forward to whatever Treyarch and Infinity Ward have in store. Even if these rumors aren’t spot on, it looks like we’re building to something big.

What about Verdansk?

Downtown POI in warzone
Infinity Ward
Downtown Verdansk – one of the most popular areas in Warzone.

So far, Warzone has simply focused on updates to the current map, Verdansk, rather than adding any completely new maps (Rebirth Island notwithstanding).

It’s unknown whether more map changes are planned for Verdansk, but with so much lore and interesting new areas added in Season 1, we’d expect there still to be more planned.

Call of Duty

The worst Warzone glitches ever: Juggernauts, infinite stim, invisibility

Published: 25/Dec/2020 21:34

by James Busby


Warzone is far from being the perfect battle royale — in fact, every update seems to bring a host of new bugs and exploits to the table. Today, we’re taking a look back at some of the game’s most notorious offenders. 

While Cyberpunk 2077 has been making headlines for its messy launch, it’s hard to forget just how buggy Warzone can be. While many of these glitches and exploits have been fixed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty players are constantly finding new and interesting ways to break the game. From glitches that turn the player invisible to unlimited self revives, there always seems to be a new game-breaking bug that often ruins the fun. 

With Warzone entering the New Year, we decided to look back on the game’s most ridiculous bugs – ranking them from utterly game-breaking to mildly infuriating.

There aren’t any real winners on this list, but these bugs certainly made our Warzone games frustratingly memorable. 

Invisibility glitch

One of the most annoying Warzone glitches was recently found in the new Season 1 update. As the name suggests, this glitch enabled players to turn themselves completely invisible and go undetected to their enemies. If that wasn’t enough, those that did the glitch would be completely invincible. 

In order to successfully perform the glitch, players had to purchase a self revive and hop into the Attack Helicopter. Once both of these were acquired, all the player had to do was the switch from the passenger seat to the gunner right before the helicopter crashed. This glitch proved so damaging, that Activision had to remove the new helicopters from the game completely.

Unlimited Juggernaut exploit

As if Warzone’s Juggernaut suits weren’t scary enough, a duplication glitch made this overpowered drop even more ludicrous. Juggernauts have remained a strong point of contention in the Warzone community ever since its first introduction. Unfortunately, things got a lot worse when an unlimited Juggernaut exploit was discovered by players. 

The duplication glitch could be pulled off by simply activating the Juggernaut while picking up the killstreak at the same time. If done correctly, players would be able to infinitely duplicate Juggernaut suits. This led to entire lobbies being filled with dozens of Juggernaut suited squads. If one Juggernaut was hard to deal with, try taking down entire squads of them!

Demon gun glitch

The ‘demon gun glitch’ proved so infamous that even after multiple patches, Infinity Ward still struggled to keep this visual bug at bay. Any bug that prevents players from being able to see is always going to be a problem, particularly in FPS games where precision and reaction times are key. 

No one was safe when this glitch reared its ugly head. Guns would warp and transform into obscure jagged shapes, often consuming the player’s entire screen. The terrifying thing about this visual bug is that it could appear at any time and without warning. Let’s just hope Infinity Ward has killed the nightmarish ‘demon gun glitch’ for good this time. 

Game-breaking Infinite Stim

Being able to endlessly heal yourself and outlive the gas will always remain a problem in Warzone, no matter the season. As a result, it will come as no surprise that the infinite Stim exploit makes its way onto our list. Just like the ‘demon gun glitch,’ the unlimited Stim Shot exploit has appeared in numerous Warzone seasons, making it one of the most notorious bugs in the game. 

We’ve seen several variations of this bug and it ruins games every single time. Getting to the final circle and beating enemy squads is hard enough in Warzone, so having an exploit that gives such a huge advantage is extremely frustrating. 

Dropping pre-game weapons

While not all pre-game lobby weapons are good, they are invariably much better than the usual floor loot you see in the early rounds of the game. This is because they invariably come prebuilt with some decent attachments. Of course, this led to some savvy players finding out that these guns could be dropped in the pre-game lobby and picked up in real matches. 

Of course, this exploit instantly gave the players using it an instant advantage. During Season 4 it wasn’t uncommon to see folks dropping their pre-game gun, then landing on the exact spot to pick them up once the real game began. While this exploit may only be useful during the early-game rounds, it still gave many players opportunities to pick up plenty of kills. 

Hopefully 2021 will be a much smoother experience in Warzone. Of course, time will only tell what new exploits make an appearance.