Dr Disrespect slams “horrific” Warzone Season 2 update

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and a Warzone character

Streaming star Dr Disrespect hit out at the new Warzone Season 2 update, calling it horrific and questioning if it’s attracted new players as he’s still getting stream sniped. 

The Season 2 update for Warzone’s Black Ops Cold War integration has been met with mixed reactions from some corners of the Call of Duty community.

Obviously, some fans are delighted to be getting some map changes, new weapons, and weapon tweaks, but many wanted much more. They wanted a new map, more weapons, and an end to the hacks that have plagued the battle royale.

YouTube and Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff slammed the update as “horrible” on the day it went live, and now Dr Disrespect has joined him, labeling it as “horrific.”

Ship POI Warzone
The Vodianoy tanker was added to Warzone in the Season 2 update.

During his February 26 stream, The Doc was joined by duo partner ZLaner in Verdansk, when they sent to Gulag after falling to another team. That caused a bit of frustration for the Two-Time. 

“It’s pretty clear the game is not attracting new people, right now, and people are getting lost, they’re turning into zombies, they don’t know what to do,” Doc said, complaining about stream snipers.

His frustrations boiled over into another game as well. “This patch is horrific,” the Doc added, shaking his head over and over. “I mean, to really hype up this, it’s f**king terrible. This is so… yeah.”

Timestamp of 18:30

The YouTube star is never one to hold back his rage, and will fire off with regularity when he encounters something he doesn’t like. That includes the ziplines which help players get to the top of roofs.

Doc noted in an earlier stream that these only serve to help roof campers, given that there is an animation when you get off that leaves you stranded.

Whether or not the devs will take heed of his frustrations remains to be seen, but there are a new map and update rumored for April, and that might bring the spark back for the Two-Time.