Best Warzone equipment: Which Lethal, Tactical and Field Upgrades should you use?

Andrew Highton
munitions box, thermite, and stun grenade

Call of Duty: Warzone has lots of effective equipment for players to choose from that can turn a 1v1 in their favor. Warzone Pacific has welcomed Caldera and made some adjustments to some of the game’s best gear. So here are our top picks for Warzone’s best Lethal and Tactical equipment, as well as Field Upgrades.

Sometimes it can become very easy to worry about having the ‘best meta loadout,’ and forget about other important aspects of Warzone. Getting your loadout, setting up with your favorite AR and Kar98k loadout is pointless if you get stunned and killed without having a chance to blink.

So we’ve gone through all of Warzone Pacific’s best equipment to see which are the best ones you should think about running.

Best Warzone Lethal equipment

Lethals are perfect for either giving you the edge at the beginning of a battle, or for quickly finishing off an opponent. They after often disregarded in favor of guns, when they can actually be just as effective.

Throwing Knife

throwing knife in warzone
Throwing knives will save you a lot of time.

Thanks to Warzone Pacific’s Caldera update, the Throwing Knife can one-shot a fully-plated enemy. The obvious downside to the Throwing Knife is that if you want to use it against a fully mobile opponent then you’ll need to be accurate.

But if you can sneak up on someone, then you’ve got an easy down in waiting. Or, if you’ve already downed someone and want to quickly get your kill, a swift Throwing Knife will make quick work of them.


The beneficiary of a buff in Caldera, Claymores have always been effective but overlooked in favor of stronger tools. But now, they are a lot stronger than they were and can be incredibly helpful in fortifying your position.

Set one of these bad boys up behind a door or entranceway, and an enemy that isn’t up to their full allocation of health and armor will be in big trouble.


warzone thermite equipment
Thermite has a burning passion for kills.

An old-school classic from Warzone’s Verdansk days, the Thermite is still a boss in Caldera too. Launch a Thermite at the spot you believe to be containing an enemy and watch as they either flee into the open or maybe get lucky and stick them with it for a guaranteed kill.

Again, like the Throwing Knife, if you’ve downed someone, chuck a Thermite at the body and pick up your kill without expending time and bullets shooting them.

Best Warzone Tactical equipment

If you play your cards right, you can win Warzone duels before you even fire a bullet. ‘Tactical equipment’ is called that for a reason. If a player can use it in the right circumstances, then they can be instrumental in picking up dubs.

Stun Grenade

The duration of players being stunned by Stun Grenades has dropped thanks to the Season 1 update patch notes. However, the few seconds that you do get to capitalize on a disabled opponent is still more than enough.

Simply bounce one off a wall, or judge your throw correctly, and your disorientated opponent will be easy pickings.

Heartbeat Sensor

warzone heartbeat sensor
Heartbeat Sensors have defied the nerf and remain very strong tools.

Another item that has been subjected to Warzone Pacific’s nerfs, the Heartbeat Sensor is still an invaluable piece of kit. The hardware will now ping every six seconds as opposed to its previous 3-second recharge.

Still, this is more than enough time to get the edge on your un-Ghosted opponent as it will ping live data for you.


Having regenerative health may seem like Stims are an arbitrary addition to the ranks, but they are deeper than that. Countless Warzone deaths are caused by being trapped in the gas, having Stims will drastically decrease the chances of this.

If you have no Gas Mask, simply time your Stim usage right, and you will maximize your healing potential and escape the poison.

Best Warzone Field Upgrades

The final piece of the puzzle, Field Upgrades provide special one-off boosts that prepare you for a fight or help you to recover after one. They can even be purchased from Buy Stations they are that important.

Dead Silence

warzone dead silence upgrade
You’ll be quieter than a mouse using Dead Silence in Warzone.

Apart from its main nerf being ‘reduced drop rates,’ the actual Dead Silence upgrade itself is still incredibly OP. Activating this special ability will allow you to sprint a bit faster and with the bonus of making zero sound.

Found an exposed enemy unaware of your position? Pop a Dead Silence and become a murderous ninja.

Munitions Box

Regardless of if you’re a skilled player that can survive long enough to burn through your ammo, or you’re not quite as capable and need more shots to kill opponents, chances are you will run out of ammo.

It’s always recommended to consider having someone carry around a Munitions box to pop at any given moment and give your guns fresh stock.

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