How to win your Gulag 1v1: Warzone tips and tricks

Warzone Gulag guide graphicActivision
What are the best ways to win your Call of Duty: Warzone 1v1? Using everything from spray paints to C4, we break down the best ways to play your Gulag, ensuring you can drop back into the action. Call of Duty: Warzone, the title’s second effort at a battle royale, has been hitting yet more milestones of late. With millions of players dropping in every day, it’s in the upper echelon of the most popular games in the world. One key, innovative aspect of Warzone is the ability to play a 1v1 Gulag once you’ve died, giving players a one-off opportunity to drop back into the game. This has been widely praised when compared to other BRs, like Fortnite’s reboot card or Apex Legends’ banners.
Two players in Warzone GulagInfinity Ward
The Gulag is a unique way of respawning in the CoD battle royale.
As a basic 1v1 in a small environment, many would think it’s 50/50 whether you’ll win your Gulag match. However, as the best players prove, there is a knack to it, and there are a number of things players can do to maximize their chances of dropping back in. With a new yet familiar layout now in focus for Season 5, here’s a complete guide on how to excel in Warzone’s latest Gulag.

Tip 1: Know your weapon and play around it

There had been plenty of talk around increasing the weapon pool players can draw from in the Gulag, with some even suggesting custom loadouts should be enabled. However, following an earlier Warzone update in 2020, there is a rotating pool of weapons to get used to. Each time you load into the Gulag, expect to have a different weapon in hand. Whether it’s a close-range Shotgun or a longer-range LMG, there’s no predicting what you may be met with. Thus, you’ll need to be well-rounded to stay on top of the rotation. If you’ve got an Assault Rifle, you will be able to make short work of your opponents should you get the first few bullets in. The key with accurate Assault Rifles is to take advantage of the Gulag’s lines of sight and to pre-aim corners where your opponent is likely to appear. Specifically, on the latest Caldera layout, you want to make sure you’re using cover wisely. Each side spawns with some terrain to block off long-range sightlines. Sticking near these and watching the rest of the map is a solid strategy with various long-range guns in hand.
Warzone Season 5 GulagActivision
Being familiar with a wide range of weapons is the key to success inside the Gulag.
If you spawn in with an SMG for instance, you’ll be able to get up close and personal and catch your opponent off guard with the aggressive guns and their high fire rate potential. While these weapons can also suit slower medium-range fights, the high mobility they give can often result in a quick fight. If you’re stuck with close-range weapons such as shotguns, one shot is all you may need to close out your duel. You’ll need to get in close, however, so don’t expect a breeze with this method. If you’re left with a more generic pistol, you can pepper your opponent from afar. Just be wary as you empty the mag, as an awkward reload time may cost you the win. Additionally, Marksman and Tactical Rifles have also featured in the Gulag from time to time. During these instances, you’ll want to play rather patiently. You can deal lethal damage in one or two hits, just be sure to time your shots and prioritize accuracy over all else. Finally, other weapons with significant recoil can require you to focus on controlling the weapon well by burst firing, particularly in some of the longer-range Gulag gunfights. You’re better off playing slowly with weapons like these as well, pre-aiming and waiting for your opponent to move first.

Tip 2: Stick to the edges of the Gulag

The Season 5 Caldera Gulag layout is similar to that of the very first Gulag map. With three lanes of action, it’s a roll of the dice running out into the middle. Thus, it’s worth sticking to one side with your back to the wall, keeping a keen eye for any flanks. One wrong turn at the wrong time and you can make yourself an easy target. This will keep your field-of-view (FOV) as wide as possible, negating any surprise deaths. Not only does this help on PC, but for console players still stuck with a limited FOV, keeping more of the map in your sights is a huge benefit. Regardless of your playstyle or your weapons in the moment, this is one tactic that can always help. Rushing to an awkward position and leaving yourself exposed is rarely the answer. You want as much information as possible here, so sticking to the sides and keeping an eye on the enemy is vital.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to use your equipment

Sure, most Gulags are decided by weapons and gun skill. But, you also get equipment with your loadout, so why would you not use it? This requires some selective usage on your behalf. For example, if you’ve no idea where your enemy is, don’t just waste your stun or frag by throwing it blindly. If you’re pre-aiming one way, block an alternate angle by throwing your tactical. If you make an enemy weak and they back off round a corner, don’t be afraid to use your C4 or Semtex to try and finish them off.

Tip 4: Be ready to go for the objective

If you haven’t killed your opponent after the 15-second timer runs out, the Gulag is decided by who captures the flag. This appears in the very center of the Caldera layout every time around. If neither player captures the flag within the time limit, whoever has more health wins.
Warzone Season 5 GulagActivision
The flag spawns directly in the middle of Season 5’s Gulag.
However, you should know that touching the flag instantly regenerates your health to full. This adds further incentive for players to try and claim it. Capturing the flag is pretty easy and happens very quickly, but you leave yourself vulnerable from multiple angles. An excellent option is to hold on to a lethal or tactical. You can use it to cover your back when you’re capturing. Keep an eye on the timer throughout the round. If you get on the flag before your opponent, your chances of winning are instantly maximized. A lot of players forget this and are left scrambling for mid-map control when the timer runs out.

Tip 5: Getting creative can be massively helpful

Our fifth and final tip is to get creative and don’t be afraid to shake things up. A good example is this big-brain Warzone trick, which involves spraying an enemy outline on the wall behind you. This can be used to draw enemies’ attention, allowing you to easily ambush them. Another great example is to spray enemies with bright paint prior to the Gulag. This will make them far more visible in the largely black-and-white Gulag setting. An issue with this is that you don’t know which enemy you’re set to face. You might have to work quickly and spray as many as you can find. The final example of getting creative relates to being in matches with friendly players. Assuming your whole team has just been wiped, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in the same Gulag. Get one teammate on the balcony to call out your enemy’s location, or you can return the favor for them. Either way, friendly callouts can give you the edge in any Gulag situation. They also allow you to anticipate your opponent’s movement before they’re visible.
That rounds off our best tips and tricks to help you win your Gulag 1v1! What creative ways have you found? Be sure to send us your best ideas on Twitter, @DexertoEsports!