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Best Kar98k Warzone loadout: Attachments and perks setup

Published: 1/Feb/2021 0:46

by Theo Salaun


As the Call of Duty: Warzone meta shifts away from DMR 14 dominance, the surprisingly quick, yet deadly at range Kar98k Marskman Rifle has become a staple among Verdansk’s competitors.

If you’ve played any competitive team shooter, you’ve heard an enemy was “one-shot” only to hit them and find out that their armor had not even been cracked. Maybe you’ve even been the one to make the fallacious call-out yourself.

But, fortunately, everyone is one-shot when you’ve got a Kar98k in hand. The potent rifle has a very quick ADS, a decent firing rate and can down fully armored enemies at impressive ranges.

With the DMR remaining viable but falling slightly out of favor due to recoil nerfs, the Kar98 has surged in popularity, all the way up to the second-most-used gun on Verdansk. While the MAC-10 remains a meta cornerstone and assault rifles like the Kilo 141, Grau 5.56 and CR-56 AMAX are returning — the Kar98 is an excellent primary. Here’s the best loadout for it.

Best Kar98k loadout & attachments for Warzone

best warzone kar98k loadout
This Kar98k loadout is deadly as can be.
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor 
  • Barrel: Singuard Custom 27.6”
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: Sniper Scope
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

This Kar98 setup is absolutely lethal while making it harder for you to be punished by third parties or missed shots. The Monolithic Suppressor and Singuard Custom 27.6” both make help with the gun’s damage at range, with the former additionally helping you not show up on mini maps and the latter boosting bullet velocity to counteract bullet drop-off from distance.

Simultaneously, the Tac Laser is fantastic for aim-down-sight (ADS) speed and the Sniper Scope gives a quality zoom without adding too much of an ADS burden.

Together, those five attachments are essential necessities for a Kar98 loadout and are therefore used by virtually every top player. Meanwhile, the Sleight of Hand is a fantastic attachment as it helps with an otherwise hellish reload speed — making it harder for enemies to punish you between shots.

If you aren’t too bothered by the reload speed, then that attachment can be sacrificed for something else. NICKMERCS followed FaZe Nio’s class and put Stippled Grip Tape instead, making the ADS even faster. Similarly, streamers like Aydan and Symfuhny run a Stock (like the FTAC Sport Comb) for ADS.

Best Kar98k perks, secondary, equipment in Warzone

best warzone ffar loadout

  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Secondary: FFAR 1
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Also jumping from irrelevance all the way up to No. 5 on the most-used guns list, the FFAR is an excellent secondary to pair with the Kar98. Top players (including the aforementioned NICKMERCS) have turned the Cold War AR into a Warzone quasi-SMG, with a superb firing rate and mobility. 

This gives Kar98 users a great complementary option that can excel in short-to-medium ranges if the MAC-10 isn’t giving them the automated damage they’re looking for at midrange. 

Amped perk
Activision / Infinity Ward
Amped gives you the swiftness on weapon swaps (and with grenades too).

As for Perks and Equipment, Overkill and Heartbeat Sensor are no-brainers, but the other options are interesting. Double Time can be taken over E.O.D. since Dragon’s Breath R9-0 shotguns are less prevalent now and sniping with the Kar98 means you’re likely to spend more time out of range of explosives.

Amped, meanwhile, ensures that you can swap more quickly between your Kar and FFAR, increasing survivability. And, lastly, reach and quick explosiveness make the Semtex a great option for finishing off foes who you may have sniped near cover.

Call of Duty

How to unlock LC10 SMG in Warzone & Cold War Season 2

Published: 25/Feb/2021 3:29

by Brad Norton


Season 2 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War brought with it the new LC10 SMG. Here’s everything you need to know to secure the fast-firing weapon for yourself. 

A brand new Season in BOCW and Warzone means brand new content. While the new Outbreak mode and various maps might have stolen the spotlight, Season 2 came with fresh weapons that can’t be underestimated.

The LC10 marks the seventh SMG in Treyarch’s latest title. Despite having a lesser damage output than most SMGs, it comes with unique benefits. It’s one of the most accurate guns in its class, even with an extraordinary rate of fire.

Regardless of what you play, this gun is sure to be a popular pick across both Warzone and BOCW multiplayer.

Here’s how you can grab the new weapon for yourself in Season 2.

How to unlock the LC10 SMG in Season 2

Black Ops Cold War LC10 gameplay
The LC10 is now one of the fastest SMGs in Warzone & BOCW.

If you’re looking to grab the new SMG as soon as possible, you’re in luck. You won’t have to grind a specific challenge or play out of your comfort zone for this one.

The LC10 is unlocked at Tier 31 of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Since the Battle Pass overlaps across both Warzone and BOCW, you’ll be earning progress no matter what you play.

31 Tiers will likely take a couple of sessions to grind through. But in due time, the LC10 will be yours just by playing Call of Duty.

Fastest way of unlocking new LC10 SMG in Season 2

Black Ops gunsmith
You’ll be able to grab the LC10 SMG through the Season 2 Battle Pass.

No different from previous Battle Passes, Season 2 comes with free and premium options. This means you can buy your way through Tiers, rather than dumping time into the game and earning XP.

Individual Tiers will run you $1.50 each. However, you can purchase the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CP to start out. This gets you through the first 20 Tiers instantly, leaving just 11 Tiers to buy after.

Since it’s the latest SMG, the LC10 is sure to be a common pick over the next few weeks. Unlocking it early could be your best bet to get ahead of the curve in both Warzone and BOCW multiplayer.