Battlefield 2042 Dynamic events & maps: Sandstorm, Tornado, more

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An image of Specialist Sundance, moving away from a Dynamic Event in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 features incredible weather effects, presented through dynamic events. If you haven’t experienced them yet, here’s how you can get swept up in a tornado or sandstorm. 

Chaos and destruction have always been in the DNA of the Battlefield franchise, with impressive dynamic events enhancing the action. In Battlefield 2042, the developers have taken these cinematic moments to the next level. With maps ranging from harsh deserts to chilling Arctic landscapes, there is a chance to encounter devastating tornados and more.

Here’s how you can see these dynamic effects for yourself in Battlefield 2042 and get into the middle of this glorious mayhem.


A screenshot of the map Discarded, from Battlefield 2042.
Dynamic events appear with no warning, making chaos on maps like Discarded more intense.

Tornado and storm dynamic events in Battlefield 2042

Previous entries in the franchise have used the Levolution mechanic to introduce destruction. While this only applies to environmental damage (debris, breakable walls, and terrain), Battlefield 2042 uses next-gen hardware to boost immersion through dynamic events. If you’re looking to capture footage of a tornado or storm yourself, here are the maps to keep an eye out for on rotation:

  • Orbital
  • Manifest
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Discarded
  • Renewal

Players will no doubt be familiar with Orbital, as this map was featured in the divisive Battlefield 2042 betaManifest pits players against each other on a war-torn dock. Tornados and storms really come to life on Shanghai-based map Kaleidoscope, which features towering skyscrapers to engage in intense sniping battles.

Shifting the skirmish to the beached wreckage of tankers, Discarded is a brilliant mix of Battlefield 2042’s new approach to large-scale maps. Renewal blends both desert and luscious grass terrain areas, to offer up a map that feels heavily inspired by the climax of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

An image of a Tornado on the map Orbital, in Battlefield 2042.
Tornados can be surprisingly fun when using Sundance’s Wingsuit.

Sandstorm dynamic events in Battlefield 2042

While they may bear a striking resemblance to tornados, don’t let yourself get caught up in a sandstorm. Dealing out similar damage and gravity-defying effects, sandstorms can also reduce visibility while gradually chipping away at your health.

Pilots should take extra caution hunting down their foes, especially as the increased wind speed will redirect your flight path. But if you fancy yourself to be a daredevil, you can witness true desert power on the Hourglass map.

That’s right, in Battlefield 2042 there is only one map that will permit access to the grandiose nature of a sandstorm. Set in Doha, Qatar, Hourglass is a heavily desert-orientated map and will force players to navigate both high and low terrain in a bid to secure objectives.

An image of a sandstorm on the map Hourglass, in Battlefield 2042.
Hourglass gives way to some of Battlefield 2042’s most cinematic action yet.

Whether you’re using your Wingsuit in a tornado or sprinting through a sandstorm, now you know which maps feature dynamic events in Battlefield 2042.

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