One Piece: Why Egghead is already the best arc of all time

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One Piece anime Egghead arc key visual

The Egghead Arc is still ongoing, but it’s already the best One Piece arc of all time, and the story will only get better from now on.

Over the last 27 years, One Piece has delivered amazing arcs with fascinating lore and thrilling fights. The series, created by Eiichiro Oda, starts with Monkey D. Luffy dreaming of acquiring the legendary treasure One Piece and claiming the title of Pirate King.

To make his dream come true, Luffy recruits a powerful crew, travels to multiple incredible islands, and defeats numerous powerful villains. All of this has brought Luffy closer and closer to becoming the Pirate King, and now he’s arrived on Egghead.

This is arguably the most important Arc yet, as it reveals several secrets about the Void Century, a mysterious lost era with links to the One Piece. Here’s why the Egghead Arc is already the best One Piece arc of all time. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the manga!

What is happening in the New World?

An image of Blackbeard attacking Trafalgar Law for Road Poneglyphs

While the Straw Hats are fighting their battle in Egghead, the New World isn’t calm either. The world that had been quiet since the Summit War is now removing some of the most influential figures. The abolishment of the Warlord System and Yonkos getting replaced is only the tip of the iceberg.

Eustass Kid was busy causing chaos after the downfall of Kaido and Big Mom. He challenged Shanks in Elbaf and suffered a major setback. Meanwhile, Law was simply unlucky enough to cross paths with Blackbeard and suffered the same fate as Kid. 

Not only that, but Monkey D. Garp, a living legend and a Marine Hero, falls in Hachinosu against Blackbeard’s top commanders. While Koby’s rescue mission was a success, Garp’s defeat was a major loss to the world. It’s also unknown if these characters are still alive.  

Egghead Arc solves several mysteries

One Piece Vegapunk anime

No one expected Egghead to be such an important arc, especially not this soon after the Wano Saga ended. Oda went all out from the beginning, introducing Vegapunk as soon as the crew got to the island.

Meanwhile, Sabo sheds light on the Reverie Incident as we discover the secret behind the moniker D. While fans had several theories about it, Eiichiro Oda again proved he’s completely unpredictable.

Before killing Nefertari Cobra, Gorosei and Imu reveal that those named D are a thorn in their side. Because of the “blunder” by Queen Lili, all those named D are considered “sworn enemies of the gods.” The blunder was scattering the Poneglyphs that hold the truth about the Void Century.

An image of Queen Lili from One Piece manga

Queen Lili ruled the Arabasta Kingdom over 800 years ago. However, she went missing after the establishment of the World Government. It’s almost certain she perished at the hands of her enemies.

Meanwhile, we also get Kuma’s flashback, one of the saddest and darkest backstories in the series. The flashback explains why Kuma went to such lengths to protect the Straw Hats and their ship. Additionally, the dark truth behind the God Valley Incident blew fans’ minds when they learned the island was a hunting ground.

Furthermore, Eiichiro Oda suddenly reveals Gorosei’s true forms even though they’re believed to be the final villains. The Gorosei are so powerful that even the Straw Hats can’t deal with them, and the crew decides their main mission is to escape the island. Their regenerative powers are the real challenge, further solidifying the theory that they aren’t humans.

However, the most shocking part of the arc is Vegapunk’s message. The great scientist reveals to the entire planet that the world will sink beneath the sea sometime in the future. Vegapunk knows a lot about the Void Century, but not everything. So, it’s almost certain whatever he’s talking about has something to do with that forgotten history and the ancient kingdom.

Why are the fights in Egghead Arc important?

One Piece Luffy vs Lucci

It’s challenging to keep such a large fandom happy, no matter how amazing the series is. While some fans claim that the fights in Egghead are underwhelming compared to the rest of the arcs, Oda has actually given us a lot of action while focusing on the lore.

First off, we see the rematch between Luffy and Lucci as they awaken their devil fruits. While their first bout is well-loved among fans, the rematch proves how much Luffy has progressed during this time. His Gear 5 also seem to be stronger than they were in Wano since he’s now more in tune with his new abilities.

Previously, it took Luffy, the strongest member of the Straw Hats, to beat Lucci, but now Zoro can handle him. Additionally, the fight between Luffy and Kizaru finally puts an end to the Yonko vs Admiral debate as Luffy wins the fight. 

This is yet another incredible feat since Kizaru was the one who gave them so much trouble in Sabaody. Furthermore, Gorosei’s power is finally revealed, and the Straw Hats’ inability to defeat them gives us an idea of what they will be up against in the final war.

The point of these fights isn’t just to entertain readers but also to shed light on the crew’s overall growth, while also proving that they’re not strong enough for the final stage. Hence, it’s certain at this point that they need another training stage in the story. Though we won’t get another time skip, the crew still needs to level up.

What more’s to come in One Piece?

An image of giants battling in One Piece

The Egghead Arc isn’t over, but it has already given us a much clearer direction on the future of the story. The Straw Hats are planning to escape to Elbaf Island, which is yet another mysterious place. The crew have wanted to visit the land of the giants since the Little Garden Arc, especially Luffy and Usopp.

According to Road to Laughtale, Elbaf is also one of the islands that possibly has the fourth Road Poneglyph. However, even if it doesn’t, there might at least be some clues. Additionally, Giants have been proud warriors for centuries. Their massive bodies and incredible skills make them one of the most powerful species in the world.

There’s no better place for the crew to train than in Elbaf under the guidance of warriors such as Dory and Brogy. Furthermore, Giants are also believers in Nika, so the story might shed light on Nika. Either way, although the series is slowly unraveling the mysteries, there’s still more we still need to know. No other arc has solved more mysteries than Egghead, and it’s only going to get better from now on.

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