One Piece manga returns this week, and we have good news

Anamika Das

After the hiatus last week, One Piece manga is coming back this Sunday, but there’s more good news that has the fandom abuzz.

One Piece has been reaching new heights with every chapter in the Egghead Arc. But its pacing has suffered due to multiple hiatuses in between. The last time the manga went on a hiatus was after Chapter 1116, following another break only two weeks ago.

However, the manga seems to be hitting its stride again. A One Piece leaker reveals on X that the manga will not have another break following the upcoming Chapter 1117. The chapter is due on June 16, 2024. This means the next break will not be until June 30, after Chapter 1118, at the least.

Most Weekly Shonen Jump manga, including One Piece, take a break every three weeks. This is to give the authors some much needed reprieve from their workload. But One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has recently been taking frequent breaks for his health. 

The author seems to be feeling better now and the manga may be returning to its original serialization schedule. Fans are immensely happy with it, given how exciting the current plot of the manga is. What’s more, the ongoing Egghead Arc is close to its conclusion as the Elbaf Arc was teased to follow it this year.

To begin such an important and lore-filled arc, the author needs to be in his prime condition. So, One Piece not having another break soon has readers hopeful for the manga’s future. One X user commented, “Thank God, Oda is back,” while another said, “These two words – no break and my world suddenly is so bright.”

However, some are also wary about another break coming after Chapter 1118, given the manga’s recent track. One Reddit user wrote, “And then after 1118 we’ll have another break, swear it’s never going to end,” and a second joined, “No break this week, then after next week, we’ll go on hiatus for [insert here].”

Whether One Piece will go on another hiatus after Chapter 1118 cannot be predicted at this stage. However, despite the complaints from some fans, many are encouraging the author to take time for himself. But for now, everyone’s excited for the upcoming Chapter 1117.

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