One Piece: Vegapunk may not be Luffy’s ally afterall

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Luffy and Vegapunk in One Piece Egghead arc

The Final Saga of One Piece finally introduces Vegapunk, who appears to be on Luffy’s side. However, there’s a high possibility that Vegapunk isn’t as good as he appears.

In One Piece, Vegapunk is the world’s most brilliant scientist who has worked for the World Government for decades. The series has never shown a mind as great as Vegapunk. From experimenting on Kuma to creating weapons for the Marines, Vegapunk has followed all the orders. 

However, his loyalty is repaid by betrayal. The World Government is brutal enough to kill anyone who poses even a minor risk to their authority. The government even issued an order to kill Vegapunk because he was researching the technology of the Void Century.

After realizing the government’s intention, Vegapunk joins hands with Luffy. So far, his actions don’t hint at him being an antagonist. He seems a genuinely good person. However, several of his past atrocities are just too difficult to ignore. Here’s why we believe that Vegapunk may not be Luffy’s ally in One Piece.

Vegapunk contributes to the unparalleled power of the World Government in One Piece

An image of Vegapunk from One Piece manga

During the Ohara Incident, Vegapunk witnessed how an entire island was obliterated overnight, killing thousands of innocent people. He was even there when Monkey D. Dragon declared his resolve to take down the World Government.

However, despite knowing everything about the World Government’s tyranny, he has contributed significantly toward their unparalleled power. The World Government is a fearsome ruling organization in One Piece thanks to the military power provided by the mad scientist.

Vegapunk has created giant soldiers, Seraphim, the Mother Flame, artificial devil fruits, and so much more for the World Government’s Sake. When we think about the outrageous powers he gave to the antagonists, it’s difficult to view Vegapunk as a good person.

He is not particularly loyal to anyone, not even the government. Vegapunk only goes where he can have enough resources to conduct his research. He even declined Dragon’s offer to join him because they were low on funds. 

Had he worked for Dragon, the chances of the Revolutionary Army’s victory would’ve increased exponentially. Someone as greedy as him cannot be an ally to anyone. Therefore, despite how One Piece portrays Vegapunk, his past actions prove that he can never be a true ally to Luffy and his crew.

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