One Piece: The powers of Sanji’s Raid Suit explained

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Sanji's appearance in his Raid Suit

In the “Wano Country Saga,” Sanji’s Raid Suit was a tremendous help in battle. Here’s a look at the powers it granted him.

Sanji is one of the few powerful characters in One Piece without having any devil fruit ability. He was already formidable before learning Haki, and his abilities improved exponentially following the time skip. 

Sanji specializes in fighting techniques that require legs rather than his hands. He does not want to risk hurting his hands, which he needs to cook with. 

Seeing a fighter who relies solely on Haki use something like a Raid Suit was certainly surprising. Sanji’s Raid Suit was a gift from his family, which he didn’t want to keep with himself.

What powers does Sanji’s Raid Suit grant him in One Piece?

An image of Sanji turning invisible in One Piece

Germa 66’s Raid Suits grants special enhancements to its users that massively increase their physical abilities. However, in addition to those abilities, each Raid Suit grant the wearer unique abilities. Sanji’s Raid Suit, true to his code name “Stealth Black,” granted him the power of invisibility. 

In the “Thriller Bark Arc,” Sanji expresses his hatred toward Absolam for having the powers of the Clear-Clear Fruit. He also said that it was the only devil fruit he wished to have. Though Sanji’s dream to have this power wasn’t for the greater good, he achieved his dream using his Raid Suit. 

The Vinsmoke Family secretly hid it and gave it to him as a parting gift during his and Luffy’s escape from Cacao Island. Despite initially hesitating, Sanji used it in Wano and realized its powers. Sanji has a black Germa outfit with jet-propelled boots, which grants him the ability to fly and strengthen his kicks. 

Furthermore, the suit serves as armor to protect him from attacks. One unique element of the suit’s design is that it provides a mask to wear over his nose and lips. The ability to turn invisible grants him a significant advantage in battle since he can blend perfectly with his environment. 

What did Sanji do to his Raid Suit?

Among the Vimsmokes, Sanji was considered a failure since he couldn’t develop a stronger body due to genetic enhancements. The Vinsmokes used scientific experiments on their body, which resulted in them losing human emotions in exchange for powers. 

Sanji was considered “defective” among them since he completely grasped his emotions. He also had a weak body, just like any ordinary child. However, the experiments never failed since Sanji awakened his dormant powers after wearing the Raid Suit. 

His body was physically strong enough to destroy Queen’s weapon when the latter hit him with it. After realising the “side effects” of the Suit, Sanji destroyed it because he refused to become like his family.

Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe was awakened by his Raid Suit

Even though it’s destroyed, Sanji’s Raid Suit has already enhanced his powers significantly. Sanji’s strong body is not the only side effect of using his Raid Suit. 

Sanji significantly increased the power and endurance of his legs by combining his recently awakened genetic upgrades with Armament Haki, allowing them to withstand much hotter flames.

Ifrit Jambe allows him to create bluish-white flames, adding more power to his kicks than the previous Diable Jambe. Thanks to Sanji’s Raid Suit, he can now conveniently use this technique against powerful opponents such as Queen and gain the upper hand in battle. 

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