Are Hell’s Paradise and Chainsaw Man similar?

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Ever since Hell’s Paradise has been adapted into an anime, Chainsaw Man fans can’t stop comparing the two series. However, does these two series with completely different plot have something in common?

Hell’s Paradise and Chainsaw Man are both part of the dark trio of the Shonen genre. The dark trio stands at the top of the Shonen series among young fans for having morbid storylines that focus on demons, ghosts, sorcerers, and otherworldly beings. 

These shows have stepped away from the conventional Shonen anime protagonists and instead follow disaffected and troubled individuals who are caught up in the fight between good and evil. 

Despite having a completely different plots, there are various claims that these two series share similar themes. Delve deeper to find out more about the similarities between the two series.

Are there any similarities between Hell’s Paradise and Chainsaw Man?

An image featuring the monsters in Hell's Paradise and Chainsaw Man

Both Chainsaw Man and Hell’s Paradise have the same gritty artwork, fast pacing, and brilliant character design. Not to mention that the studio creating both anime is MAPPA, so similarities in art style are unavoidable. 

Hell’s Paradise delves into dark themes which can be seen in other popular series like Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen. Both series have monsters or devils that the protagonists have to fight against, further depicting some similarities between the two. 

These monsters and devils in both series have weird human body parts popping out from random places. That said, having these elements doesn’t mean that the series is similar in any way. Both of them explore different settings that are enjoyable in their own right and the differences become clearer as the stories progress.

Here are examples of fans’ claims regarding the similarities between both series:

The creators of Hell’s Paradise and Chainsaw Man

The author and illustrator of Hell’s Paradise, Yuuji Kaku is a former assistant of Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man. This justifies the similarities in an art style that fans keep mentioning. 

Tatsuki Fujimoto expressed his support for Hell’s Paradise when the anime adaptation was released. The translated recommendation reads: “I recommend reading Hell’s Paradise because it was interesting.” 

In terms of popularity, Chainsaw Man is leagues ahead of the new addition to the dark trio, which makes fans blame Yuuji Kaku for copying it. However, Hell’s Paradise manga started in January 2018 while Chainsaw Man started in December 2018. 

If there is any inspiration to speak of, it should be the other way around. What’s more, Yuji Kaku only worked as an assistant on Fujimot’s debut series Fire Punch.

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