Upcoming anime show has “similar levels of insanity” to Chainsaw Man

Anthony McGlynn
Chainsaw Man

There are plenty of great anime releases due in 2024, from Demon Slayer to My Hero Academia and Haikyu!!, but one has fans excited because it’s like having more Chainsaw Man.

In 2022, Chainsaw Man cemented itself as one of the best anime shows ever soon after first episode premiered.

Following a young man, Denji, who makes a deal with a demon to give him chainsaw limbs, the madcap violence and incredible production made the series a highlight for fans of anime and those who enjoy some good old-fashioned gore.

It’s become a standard-bearer for wacky storytelling, since Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga is just as wild as the adaptation. Now, fans believe an upcoming anime could be just what we need while we wait for Chainsaw Man’s return.

Dandadan could be the next Chainsaw Man

Dandadan was already on the radar for many fans due to the manga’s popularity, but the latest trailer has drawn comparisons to Chainsaw Man. Science Saru is handling production, and everything we’ve seen so far suggests we’re in for a truly wild ride.

“It doesn’t have the same ‘This was made by an alien’ vibe as Chainsaw Man, but it does reach similar levels of insanity,” one commenter states on Reddit. Another gives an outstanding genre breakdown of the story: “This is a series that 100% deserves the hype, its absolutely bonkers. It’s a rom-com x battle shounen with ghosts and aliens.”

Goosebumps and Animorphs are referenced — touchstones that should excite any ’90s kid. Funnily enough, there’s a connection to Chainsaw Man, as the author, Yukinobu Tatsu, served as an assistant to Fujimoto.

Clearly some influence wore off, and so far, Dandadan looks like it could be mindblowing. We don’t have long to wait, since the first episode will arrive in October on both Netflix and Crunchyroll. Have a look at our guides to Demon Slayer Season 4 and My Hero Academia Season 7 for more of what’s coming this year.

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