Get 40% off Chainsaw Man Volumes 1-11 in this awesome Amazon deal

Anthony McGlynn
Chainsaw Man Volume 1

Chainsaw Man revved its way into our hearts when the anime premiered in October 2022, and now you can get almost the entire manga heavily reduced.

It was clear from the first episode, Chainsaw Man was a special anime show. MAPPA’s incredible sense of movement and color, combined with Tatsuki Fujimoto’s distinct concept, made for one of the best body horror anime ever, and a story that’s more captivating than you’d think.

While the anime itself is an awesome version of Denji’s heretical transformational into the eponymous hero, Tatsuki’s manga is worth reading for any fan.

If you’re a fan, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know you can now get the first 11 volumes for a low price.

Chainsaw Man Volumes 1-11 are reduced by 40%

The first 11 volumes of Chainsaw Man are available at a nice, round 40% off on Amazon right now. That gives you the bulk of Tanjiro’s story thus far.

The set gets you the 11 volumes, plus a double-sided poster, all kept in a delightful case that’ll look great on any shelf. The manga is now up to Volume 16, so this’ll play you within arm’s reach of catching up – perfect if you’ve watched the anime to your heart’s content.

We’re eagerly awaiting more Chainsaw Man right now. The second season of the show has become an anime movie, with news scant beyond that. The surge in popularity has created a lot of anticipation, and although we don’t have much new material to engage with, you can always find things you’ve overlooked or haven’t explored yet.

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