How to increase Union Level fast in Wuthering Waves

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves

A major part of the content in Wuthering Waves is locked behind Union Level. Here is how you can level it up as fast as possible in Kuro Games’ action RPG.

Wuthering Waves is finally available and players are busy exploring the game’s massive world. However, every time you try to start some content, you might notice that it requires a certain amount of Union Level.

Union Level is similar to Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, with it determining how much you can farm, level up characters, collect rewards, or join events. Increasing your Union Level should be your priority alongside leveling up your characters.

One of the biggest reasons for leveling up your Union Level is to increase your SOL3 Phase. This is your World Level and a new Phase unlocks at every 10 Union Levels. A higher SOL3 Phase means better rewards and difficult enemies. However, you cannot increase it without raising your Union Level.

Here is all you need to know about increasing Union Level in Wuthering Waves.

How to increase Union Level in Wuthering Waves

Complete the main story

A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves
Main quests offer the most amount of Union EXP in Wuthering Waves.

Completing the main story should be your initial focus in Wuthering Waves. This will reward you with the most amount of Union EXP. In Version 1.0 there is a Prologue that has two chapters and Act I with five chapters in total.

You will level up significantly by the time you finish all the chapters, making this the best way to increase your Union Level in Wuthering Waves.

Side quests

A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves
Side quests offer a good amount of Union EXP.

While you are completing the main story, you will often encounter NPCs who will offer you side quests. Completing these side quests rewards massive amounts of Union EXP, Astrite, and various other rewards.

It’s recommended you prioritize completing side quests between the main quests, using them to gain additional Union Levels.


A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves
Exploration is one of the key ways to earn Union EXP in Wuthering Waves

Exploration is another good way of earning Union EXP, especially in the early game. New players will usually have a fairly unexplored map, making it prime picking for Union EXP.

Unlocking Resonance Nexus and Resonance Towers will grant you with Union EXP. Additionally, completing puzzles and opening chests are also good sources, even though the amount received is fairly small.

World bosses

A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves
Completing World Boss Challenges will reward you with Union EXP.

You will likely come across several World Bosses while exploring the world of Wuthering Waves. These bosses will be essential in the future once you start leveling up your characters. However, even before that, they are good sources of Union EXP.

Remember that the bosses aren’t available from level 1, and you’ll instead unlock them over time by playing. Some bosses are locked behind high Union EXP, which means you’ll have to go through and farm weaker enemies first.

Simulation Training

A screenshot from the game Wuthering Waves
Simulation Training rewards with Union EXP early in the game.

The Simulation Training unlocks very early while you are learning the whereabouts of Jinzhou city. Completing the Simulation Training rewards Union EXP.

The training isn’t that hard either, making it one of the best sources of EXP in the early game.

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