How to get Tauren Heritage Armor in WoW

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Wondering how to get Tauren Heritage armor in WoW? Here’s all of the quests you’ll have to complete in order to unlock one of World of Warcraft’s most sought after gear sets. 

Whether it’s because you like to live on the edge, or playing the villain is more your thing, World of Warcraft’s Horde faction has become Azeroth’s most dominant group of misfits throughout the game‘s extensive lifetime.

From the jungle-dwelling Zandalari Trolls to the mighty Tauren, Sylvanas’ army encompasses a whole plethora of races – but the latter have won the hearts of players everywhere for being gentle giants (unless you annoy them).

Part of truly channeling your inner Tauren is snagging their stunning Heritage Armor by completing a few different quests. So, without further ado, here’s how to get the Tauren Heritage Armor in WoW.

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These gentle giants ain’t so peaceful if you intrude on their territory.

How to get Tauren Heritage Armor set in WoW

In order to get this stunning set for yourself, you’ll need to have obtained a few crucial things first. You must have achieved Level 120, and you must have reached Exalted approval (rank eight, 84000 Reputation points) in Thunder Bluff. 

In order to start your journey, head to the Orgrimmar Embassy, where you’ll be greeted by Spiritwalker Iashi. She will give you the quest entitled “When Spirits Whisper.”

From here, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Head to Thunder Bluff and speak to Baine Bloodhoof.
  2. Go to Camp Narache’s Fargae Mesa and approach Spiritwalker Ussoh.
  3. From here, head to Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountain.
  4. Cross into the spirit realm.
  5. Defeat the Malevolent Spirits.
  6. Return to Chieftain Iti.
  7. From here, you’ll be sent to Bloodhoof Village in order to stop the spirit onslaught.
  8. Once the spirits are defeated, Baine will inform you that you must head back to Thunder Bluff to slay the main demon.
  9. Watch the ensuing cutscene, where Baine asks you to thank your spirit guide, Chieftain Iti.
  10. Head to the cliff overlooking Thunder Bluff and make Iti an offering.
  11. Completing this will unlock the Tauren Heritage Armor (Heritage of the Taur-ahe,) as well as the Ancient Tauren Talisman.
    • The latter allows you to briefly summon the Ancient Kodo you met on your travels once more.

So that’s how to score yourself the Tauren Heritage Armor and walk in the footsteps of the Earth Mother herself! Looking to become Azeroth’s next Tauren hero? Be sure to check out our handy guides:

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