Asmongold predicts Shadowlands Eternity’s End won’t “save WoW”

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wow shadowlands 9.2 eternity's end asmongold reacts

It seems like World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ 9.2 update, Eternity’s End, has failed to grasp WoW streaming sensation Asmongold’s imagination.

The final chapter in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands story, Eternity’s End, will be dropping alongside the highly anticipated Patch 9.2.

While the 9.1.5 update has brought about some much-needed changes to the game’s systems, the proposed conclusion to the ongoing power struggle between the forces of Azeroth and the tyrannical Jailer has left fans out in the cold.

It seems like Blizzard’s announcement has also fallen flat for WoW streamer and Twitch star, Asmongold, who doesn’t seem particularly enthralled by the upcoming content.

world of warcraft shadowlands jailer eternity's edge 9.2
With the Jailer fully unchained and ready to start a reckoning, and only Azeroth’s finest can stop him.

Asmongold reacts to WoW Shadowlands 9.2 Eternity’s End

In a video from November 12, Asmongold gives his pure (and, of course, unfiltered) thoughts on Eternity’s End. Challenging the fact that the Jailer has always been presumed to be the antithesis of all things good, he remains skeptical about why Blizzard continue to reveal very little about the character.

“I don’t even see how the Jailer is bad, am I crazy for that?” he asks. “I’m not even convinced the Jailer is wrong to begin with, you know what I mean? How do we know he’s wrong? They’re the ones that put him in jail, we never heard his side of things… There’s never been an explanation of why the Jailer is bad… I don’t understand this at all.”

Moving on from the lore side of the story, he concludes that he doesn’t believe 9.2 “is going to save WoW. I said that it is a point where I will either have faith in WoW, or not. If you have no faith, great, I don’t blame you, but let’s see what they can do.”

“If it’s good, great, we have a new game to play, and if it’s not, who gives a f**k. We’re going to play the Riot MMO, we’re going to play Final Fantasy, we’re going to play New World whenever they can get their s**t together, we’re going to play Lost Ark – we’ve got a million other games to play.”

Concluding with a sharp “who cares? I’m not going to sit here and cry about it every f**king day… I don’t need to sit around and get p**sed off about this s**t every day,” it’s clear that Eternity’s End may be the breaking point in Asmongold’s WoW journey.

For Blizzard’s sake, avid WoW fans are hoping that this goes down better than the divisive Chains of Domination, but only time will tell.

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