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WoW cosplayer rules over Stormwind as fearsome Turalyon

Published: 12/Nov/2021 15:40

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft’s fearsome Alliance warrior turned Stormwind monarch, Turalyon, has been brought to life with this stunning WoW cosplay. 

While we’ve seen cosplayers strut their stuff in stunning renditions of World of Warcraft’s Dark Lady, Sylvanas, or the beautiful nature queen, Alexstrasza, Stormwind’s regent and Lord Commander of the Alliance, Turalyon, hasn’t gotten a lot of love in the WoW cosplay community.

Forced to rule over the Alliance’s citizens in the wake of Anduin’s corruption by the Jailer, we haven’t seen a lot of him in WoW’s latest chapter, Shadowlands, but no doubt he’ll emerge for the final battle that is at the heart of the Eternity’s End 9.2 update.


Hoping to show the priest turned legendary warrior some much-needed love is Austrian cosplayer, Danny McFly, whose recreation of Turalyon will take your breath away.

World of Warcraft Turalyon cosplay Legion
Blizzard Entertainment
Turalyon stole Alliance player’s hearts during the iconic Legion expansion.

WoW cosplayer battles the Horde as Turalyon

While characters such as The Jailer or Anduin Wrynn may have seemed like a logical choice given their involvement in the Shadowlands saga, Danny was determined to breathe new life into the High Exarch.

“I actually decided on this costume after my last big costume (Batman) because I wanted to do something challenging, and since I’ve been playing WoW on and off for years, this came to my attention,” he told Dexerto. ” It has so many nice details and the character has a cool backstory, so it seemed like a good idea.”


It turns out, though, that constructing Turalyon’s armor was also gave Danny a little bit of redemption. “When they released the design I wanted to build it. I have built a Warcraft cosplay before with Varian, but I didn’t like some of the execution, especially in the paint job, so this was also a great chance to work on my painting.”

Looking at this cosplay, though, you’d never have thought Danny’s painting needed work! From the stunning brass inlays to the golden trims that adorn the gunmetal grey body of the iconic armor, every little detail has been meticulously crafted. Sweeping silver hair cascades across his scarred, bearded face, exuding a power that only Stormwind’s regent can command.



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While he notes that “I wouldn’t say it was ‘more difficult’ than my other projects,” he recalls that it “was by far the most time consuming, since the paint job is such a huge surface, and all needs to be hand-painted, which took way over 200 hours (which I only know since I streamed all of it, to keep my sanity in check!)”

It’s clearly been well worth it, though, as even the queen of cosplay herself, Kamui Cosplay (the woman behind that insane Diablo Brigitte cosplay), commented “wow, this costume is just a beauty! I cannot believe how perfectly all the proportions are and you look like straight out of the game!”



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While Danny admits that he does “plan to do some more Blizzard Characters in the future,” he notes that there may be a little bit of a wait. “Both Thrall and Illidan are still on my list, but I need to switch it up a bit to get a bit of variety.”

We can’t wait to see how Danny brings these two WoW icons to life, especially considering just how amazing this Turalyon look was.