All Pearl map B site changes in Valorant Patch 6.11 update

Sourav Banik
all Pearl map B site changes in Valorant patch 6.11 update

The B site of the Pearl map in Valorant will have a new look with the arrival of the patch 6.11 update, so, here’s a rundown of all the changes in the Valorant map.

On May 26, 2023, Riot Games announced that the Pearl map‘s B site will look “slightly different” on June 6 following the arrival of the patch 6.11 update. The changes will make this site a bit more defender-friendly than how it currently is.

The parts of the B site that have been changed include the Upper Ramp, Screen, Hall, and Tower Pillar. With that said, here’s an explanation of all the changes to the Pearl map’s B site in the game.

All Pearl map B site changes in Valorant

Valorant Pearl map B Upper Ramp changes

B Upper Ramp

The platform on B Upper Ramp has become smaller. Apart from that, the slope behind the platform has shrunk to a smaller sub-platform, on which players will need to jump to get an angle on the spike defuser if playing from long.

With this change, the gap also gets bigger between B Club and B Upper Ramp.

B Screen

Valorant Pearl map B Screen changes

The second change to Pearl’s B site is the Screen, which has now become shorter, wider, and has a couple of impenetrable blocks added behind it. This means the attackers won’t be able to spam the extreme left of the Screen for a free kill on a defender hiding behind.

However, now that it has become wider, the battle between snipers will become even more interesting post-patch 6.11 update. The other two changes in Pearl map’s B site include the Hall and Tower Pillar.

B Hall

Valorant Pearl map B Hall changes

The third change that you can see on Pearl’s B site is the entry to the Hall from the Screen’s side. Attackers will now need to clear a new angle on the exact left of the entry, making this part of the map a bit more defender-friendly.

This entry of this side of the Hall has also become wider, giving more space for new types of gameplay from this spot.

B Tower Pillar

Valorant Pearl map B Tower Pillar changes

The last change to the B site is the Tower Pillar. Both the Tower Pillar and the platform on top have become thicker. This will give the defenders more space to hold their positions if they’re playing from that spot. The attackers will need to cover a larger space to clear the enemy from that position.

So, there you have it — those are all the Pearl map’s B site changes in Valorant with patch 6.11.

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