All Bind map changes in Valorant Patch 6.08 update

Sourav Banik
all new changes in Bind map in Valorant

The Bind map is about to return to Valorant and it’s as soon as the release of Act III. Here’s everything you need to know about all Bind map changes with Patch 6.08 update.

Riot Games has finally revealed Bind’s return to Valorant. Bind was removed from the game’s active map pool with the release of Lotus and it’s finally returning to the game along with the release of Act III. As it did with Split, Riot has changed several aspects of the map.

These changes will bring a significant impact on the gameplay, with the possibility of giving birth to a new meta. Some of these changes include a new position of one of the teleporter exits, site adjustments, and much more.

So, if you are wondering what the changes are, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

When will Bind come back to Valorant?

Bind will make its comeback to Valorant with the release of Episode 6 Act III on April 25, 2023. The upcoming patch 6.08 will bring Bind back to the active map pool in the game.

All Bind map changes in Valorant

A Bath Teleport Exit position changed in Bind map
The Teleport Exit is now nearer to the Bath Entrance.

A Site map changes in Bind

The first thing that has changed in Bind is the Teleporter Exit outside A Bath. The exit is now near the A Bath entrance while previously it was closer to the Attackers’ spawn. The previous location of the Teleporter exit still has that elevated platform with a shop having a half-closed shutter.

Both the entrance and interior of A Bath have now become wider than before, which allows an easier approach for clearing off angles inside Bath. The exit of A Bath towards A Site has also become wider.

As you continue into the A site, the radianite boxes are rearranged along with some subtle changes towards the backside. The wall near the Tower now has a cylindrical object where players can stand, while A site back wall has been flattened (it was curved before).

new look of B Elbow in Bind
B Elbow will now be more difficult for players to take control.

B Site map changes in Bind

Now coming to the B site, the doorway connecting the site and B Hall has also been widened. B Elbow will become more difficult to take control of as there’s a hole now to shoot or throw projectiles like Sova’s Shock Darts or Raze’s Grenades.

No changes have been announced for other parts of B Site like Hookah, B Long, or B Garden. Now that we know when Bind is coming back, we can’t say the same for Breeze as Riot is yet to reveal a date for the return of the map.

So, there you have it — those are all the changes that are coming to Bind in Valorant Episode 6 Act III.

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