New Valorant map Abyss revealed: Layout, release date

Declan Mclaughlin

The newest map to Valorant, Abyss, adds another layer to the action as the game’s first vertical map with no walls to keep players from falling off the side. Here is everything you need to know, from its layout to the official release date.

Valorant hasn’t released a new map since Sunset on August 29, 2023. In patch 8.11, players will get to try out the newest battleground as it enters the rotation.

Like most maps in the Riot Games FPS, Abyss will feature a new gimmick. This arena is reminiscent of Counter-Strike’s Vertigo in that there are no walls on the outside perimeter to stop players from falling off the side to their deaths.

If you missed the map’s showcase ahead of the VCT Masters Shanghai Grand Final, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s next map, Abyss, including its release date and the layout.

Does Abyss have a release date?

Abyss will join the Valorant map rotation on June 11, 2024, with patch 8.11. This patch will see the return of Haven as well, with Breeze and Split exiting the rotation.

Full Abyss map layout

Abyss will have two spike sites for players to attack, and defend, and feature a three-lane layout. Alongside the possibility of falling off the side of the map, players will also have access to “jump shortcuts” via jump pads.

The middle area of the map will also feature multiple branching paths that players can filter through to fight for space. Players should expect to engage in long-ranged fights across the map and sniper rifles should dominate Abyss’ meta.

Abyss mini-map from the VCT Masters Shanghai showmatch.

Joey Simas, Lead Map Designer at Riot Games, said that the 11th map will require players to rethink how they should approach Valorant with multiple skill jumps scatted around.

“Imagine a Raze satchel propelling an enemy off the map or Omen utilizing his Shadow Step to navigate around structures in unexpected ways,” Simas said in a press release. “This clippable play mentality injects a thrilling layer of danger and creativity into the gameplay.”

Because of the verticality of the new map, players will want to make sure they don’t lose guns off the map as they will lose the opportunity to pick them back up. Players who fall out of Abyss will also not be able to be revived from Sage’s ultimate.

However, the spike cannot fall off the map. Instead, it will spawn on the lip of the arena where the carrier fell.