All Icebox changes in Valorant

Daniel Appleford
Valorant's fifth map Icebox

The upcoming Icebox changes have been officially revealed by Valorant, but do not show any updates to A site. 

Since being removed from the map pool in April 2023, Icebox has been undergoing reconstruction by Riot Games. This has become a common practice with Valorant as maps such as Split, Bind, and Breeze have also undergone similar changes. 

Riot Games’ goal with map refiguring is to take feedback from the community and use that to make the maps feel more consistent. However, Icebox’s departure conflicted players, especially in the competitive scene

Before being made official by Valorant, leakers revealed what changes have been made to the map while it was away. Although, it seems like A site has been left untouched during the 9-month hiatus. 

Icebox changes give Valorant players new angles to hold

Most of the changes were focused toward the middle of the map to condense the number of hiding spots. This includes adding new windows and lifting some of the storage containers. 

Attacker spawn

A new storage container from attacker spawn has been added on top of an existing one. This angle was previously used to hold pushes from enemies pushing the middle of the map. 

Icebox changes mid

B site

The lane towards the B site from the attaching side has also been updated. The container players used to crouch under has been raised off the ground, opening the line of sight between the defenders and the attackers.

Icebox B lane

Middle tunnel

A window has been added to the side of the tunnel that overlooks the middle of the map. Enemies used to be able to hold the push up the tunnel but now can look out the side for approaching attackers. 

Icebox tunnel changes

Defender tunnel

The area at the top of the tunnel on the defender side has a new window and set of boxes. The window above the snow pile also has added protection from additional storage containers on the right side. 

B defender

These are all the changes coming to Icebox with the new season. It has been confirmed that no changes have been made to the entire left side of the map, including A site.

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