How many people play Valorant? Player count in 2021

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Valorant Stats How Many People

Riot Games burst onto the first-person shooter scene with the release of Valorant in June 2020, and since then, its popularity in both the professional and casual scene has soared. But what is Valorant’s player count in 2021?

In the time since it launched, it has already cemented its place as one of the most popular free-to-play games to date, which is no surprise given how popular Riot Games’ other titles are.

It has been compared to CS:GO and Overwatch in the sense that it’s taken elements from each of them, namely having two teams attempting to plant or defuse a bomb and multiple classes and characters, but implemented them into an entirely new and incredibly polished game.

Now, on the eve of its first anniversary, many fans might be wondering just how popular it has become. Well, Riot Games announced the numbers, and they’re absolutely staggering.

Valorant gameplay
Valorant is incredibly popular, but how many people actually play it?

Valorant’s player count in 2021

On June 2, 2021, Riot Games confirmed that an average of more than 14 million players from all four corners of the globe log in each month to play Valorant. Of course, the overall numbers are much higher. After all, anyone can make an account. But in terms of active players, this monthly number is a good metric.

That means, if you were to take all the players in any given month and allow them to populate a barren city, it would have more people than Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or even Tianjin. And it’s still only just the beginning. There’s plenty of room for growth.

“To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with Valorant is beyond what we could’ve expected, and we’re thrilled to soon offer the same competitive Valorant experience to even more global players,” said Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer of Valorant.

Viper in Valorant
Valorant’s success can be attributed to many things, including the impressive range of agents.

Gamers are always looking for “the next big thing,” and Valorant’s first year has shown everyone that it could be that and more.

In time, we’ll see whether the player count continues to rise, or whether it starts to dwindle. But all the signs point towards growth and expansion, especially because the game is still in infancy.

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