Ted Lasso: What happened to Jamie’s dad?

Cameron Frew
Kieran O'Brien as James Tartt in Ted Lasso

In Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11, we see a brief glimpse of Jamie Tartt’s dad after the Manchester City match – so, what happened to him, and where is he?

Ted Lasso is a show all about kindness. “Be curious, not judgmental,” as he relayed from Walt Whitman. Nobody is beyond fixing, and no beef is permanent: Roy Kent forgave Trent Crimm, Keeley and Roy are patching things up, and it looks like Nate will be welcomed back to AFC Richmond with open arms and hearts.

However, there have been a few genuine wrong’uns. Edwin Akufo, the Ghanaian billionaire who wanted to poach Sam for Raja Casablanca, is one. James Tartt, Jamie’s father, is another, with his abuse and bullying coming to the fore in Season 2.

He’s barely been mentioned in Season 3, but he makes a surprise appearance in Episode 11 – here’s what you need to know.

What’s going on with Jamie’s dad in Ted Lasso?

In Episode 11, Jamie’s dad appears to be in rehab after the events of the first two seasons.

The last time we saw James, Jamie punched him in the locker room at Wembley after Richmond’s loss. He roamed the streets and ended up pursuing Coach Beard, but a friendly stranger laid him out.

One of the main plot points of the penultimate episode is Jamie struggling to find his spark without fighting against the shadow of his father.

“I thought I was finally rid of him, but I always did what I did because… f*ck him, and now that I don’t give a sh*t about him, it’s like… you know when some guys can’t make their willies go hard? It’s like I’ve got that in my soul,” he tells his mum. She says he’ll “never, ever change” and Jamie has always proved him wrong.

She also says his dad will be “pissed in the stands, rooting against him”, but when it comes to the match, he’s nowhere to be seen. As Jamie walks off the pitch, he’s met with cheers from his old City fans, and two men can be seen with hip flasks. “He’s a tough kid,” one says. “His dad would’ve been proud,” says the other.

Like the rest of us, you probably thought he was dead. Thankfully, he’s alive and especially well. While we don’t have any details yet, he looks to be in some sort of rehab or care facility, surrounded by people drinking tea and eating biscuits while watching the game – and here’s the best bit: he’s delighted to see Jamie, even when he’s playing for the other side.

That’s everything we know about Jamie’s dad in Ted Lasso. Episodes 1-11 are streaming now. Check out the rest of our coverage below:

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