Is there a real Ted Lasso Lego stadium?

Ted Lasso LegoLego, YouTube: Apple TV

After the new season of Ted Lasso premiered, fans are wondering if they, too, can buy the neat Lego set that was featured in the first episode.

Ted Lasso’s third and final season kicked off with Ted reconnecting with his son, Henry, with a father/son activity that had fans of the show reeling.

After Ted puts Henry on a plane back to his mother in Kansas, viewers got to see him putting away Legos from a set that his son used to recreate the stadium where Ted’s team plays, Nelson Road Stadium.

With mini figurines for all the AFC Richmond players in the stadium, the Lego set was impressive enough for Ted Lasso fans to ask whether this could be available for their families to assemble.

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Is the Ted Lasso Lego set real?

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing there is no official Ted Lasso Lego set.

Fans can make do like Henry and build their own replica of the Dog Track with a simple set of Legos. And if they want to include their own figurines of Roy Kent or Sam Obisanya, they’ll have to fashion them on their own like Henry did.

Nelson Road, aka Selhurst Park, in Ted LassoApple TV+

Lego has adapted pop culture franchises into their very own Lego sets, with everything from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, a Ted Lasso Lego set might not be out of the question in the future.

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In an interesting coincidence, actor Gus Turner, who plays Henry on the show, also lent his voice to a character from a Lego video game.

For now, Ted Lasso fans will have to hope that he can put in a word with someone at Lego to get a Ted Lasso set to become a reality.