Ted Lasso: Do Keeley and Roy get back together?

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Jamie Tartt, Keeley, and Roy Kent in Ted Lasso

Do Roy and Keeley get back together in the Ted Lasso finale, or does she end up with Jamie Tartt? Here’s what we know after the last episode.

When Ted Lasso began, Keeley was dating Jamie Tartt. These were the Richmond striker’s darkest days; he was arrogant, selfish, and acted like a child, rarely considering Keeley’s feelings. She broke up with him after the charity auction in Season 1.

Keeley then began a relationship with Roy Kent, but it all came crumbling down in the Season 2 finale. He was left feeling a bit out of place in her life after he was cut out of a Vanity Fair piece, and with her taking on her own PR firm, they eventually broke up.

It’s been a bit back and forth with them throughout Season 3, and it was one of the big questions heading into the Ted Lasso finale: does Keeley get back together with Roy, and if not, who does she end up with?

Do Keeley and Roy get back together in Ted Lasso?

No, Keeley and Roy do not get back together in the finale.

They slept together in Episode 10, but when Roy tried to broach the topic of their relationship at Jamie’s mum’s house in Episode 11, they were cut off before they could talk about it – but Keeley’s expression didn’t look positive.

In the finale, Roy teases Keeley that he’s been thinking about “stuff” that terrifies him. Soon after, he overhears her talking to Jamie about going on a trip to Brazil for a Nike sponsorship deal. He asks Jamie to go for a drink, and as they have a beer together, Roy claims that he and Keeley have started talking again, so Jamie should “step aside.”

Roy and Jamie in the Ted Lasso finale

Jamie says no, because there’s “nothing official” between them. They later turn up at Keeley’s house with ripped clothes and bloody noses after fighting over her in the bar, and they ask Keeley to choose who she wants to be with – but she chucks them both out.

As the episode ends, we see Keeley back working hard at her PR firm and pitching a women’s team to Rebecca, while Roy is hired as the new manager of Richmond. They’re seen sitting together at a barbecue, but there’s no implication that they’re back together.

Who does Keeley end up with in Ted Lasso?

Keeley doesn’t end up with anybody – she’s happy in her work, and the finale doesn’t push her into a relationship for the sake of it.

Season 3 introduced another partner for Keeley: Jack, her venture capitalist boss. Their romance was short-lived, as Jack tried to force Keeley to apologize for leaked nudes and sexual videos when she had nothing to be ashamed of, nor was it her fault.

Jack doesn’t get a single mention in the finale, so that’s definitively over. Her relationship with Jamie also appears to be platonic; they can be seen standing next to each other at Beard and Jane’s wedding, but crucially, not together. In one of the closing scenes, Keeley, Roy, and Jamie are sitting together, but they look more like friends than anything else.

As one fan observed online after the finale aired, “Keeley spent the entire first two seasons as a footballer girlfriend. Not that that was all she was, but it was a huge part of her story. We didn’t get the big romantic reunion. Keeley chose herself & building her business but kept the boys as friends.”

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