Ted Lasso: Is Zava a real footballer?

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Maximilian Osinski as Zava in Ted Lasso Season 3Apple TV+

Ted Lasso Season 3 introduces a new character: Zava, a holier-than-thou footballing legend – but is he a real footballer?

Biscuits, wholesome quotes, and Roy Kent screaming “Oi!” – it’s good to be back at AFC Richmond. Ted Lasso Season 3 returned to our screens last week, and it’s like we never left.

In the first episode, we reunited with Ted amid his struggles with being apart from his son. Meanwhile, Nate the so-called great is trying to get to grips with his new job at West Ham United, working under the icy watch of Rupert – or is it Mr Mannion?

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In Episode 2 of the new season, three teams vie for the attention of Zava, a global football star who suddenly becomes a free agent – but is he a real footballer?

Spoilers for Ted Lasso to follow…

Is Zava a real footballer in Ted Lasso?

No, Zava isn’t a real footballer. He’s played by Maximilian Osinski, an actor who also starred as Agent Davis on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Zava is clearly modelled on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish footballer who’s referred to himself in the third person in interviews and even described himself as a god in a Twitter exchange with LeBron James.

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In Episode 2, word quickly spreads that Zava has ditched Juventus and wants to play for a team in the UK, all because his partner watched The Office.

Rebecca wants to nab him, and worries Rupert may beat her to the punch. Lesley seemingly discovers that he’s primed to sign for Chelsea, but he appears to be swayed after meeting Rupert.

Meanwhile, Dani Rojas and the rest of the players – with the notable exclusion of Jamie Tartt – are ecstatic at the mere prospect of Zava joining the team. So, Rebecca confronts him in the toilet, calls him a “chicken sh*t”, and a few hours later, he decides to sign with Richmond.

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